Air Oil Professional Aromatherapy Diffuser


Air Oil Aromatherapy Diffusers represent the luxury category of the aromatherapy diffuser family in both price and quality. These diffusers were designed for serious practitioners of aromatherapy and work by blasting small drops of pure essential oil with compressed air.

Air Oil Diffusers represent the luxury category of the diffuser family in both price and quality.
These diffusers are designed for serious practitioners of aroma diffusing as well
as providing professional benefits to the home user.

Aromatherapy Diffusers are becoming more and more popular making the choice of an effective and professional aromatherapy diffuser difficult -- at best. The Air Oil Aromatherapy Diffuser is entirely different than the run-of-the-mill diffusers and works by blasting small drops of pure essential oil(s) with compressed air. This results in a "nebula" of pure essential oil mist that flows out of the reservoir bottle and into the air. Heat-Free and Water-Free make these units among the most effective aromatherapy diffusers on the market. Beautifully designed, the unit is made of glass and sits vertically on a mahogany-stained wooden base.

Advantages of the Air Oil Aromatherapy Diffuser

  • Heat-Free and Water-Free. Produces a very powerful and immediate aroma effect without heat or water that can compromise high quality essential oils.
  • No plastics.
  • Cold ultrasonic nubulizing
  • Core component is made of glass which means they work very well and do not corrode when in contact with strong potentially corrosive essences.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Quite elegant looking for every type of decor.
  • Excellent quality metal components and switches.
  • A built in automatic timer with auto shutoff is standard on the Air Oil Aromatherapy Diffuser.
  • Has an elegant hand blown glass diffuser bottle and natural wood base.
  • Extra parts are available from Oasis Advanced Wellness.
  • Air Oil diffusers are the only choice for those serious about essential oil diffusing.

Safety Information - Use only 100% pure essential oil. Keep unit away from children and pets.
Indications - Indoor use only.
Product Dimensions: 4 x 4 x 8 inches

  • Remove contents from box
  • Gently twist glass bottle into the rubber hole in the base
  • Plug the AC adapter into the unit and into the wall socket
  • Place 10 to 20 drops of 100% high-quality pure essential oil into the bottle
  • Do not fill oil past the tops of the glass tubes in the bottle
  • Turn metal knob on the base clockwise to the desired power level
  • Cleaning: See Below under Use and Maintenance.

The Air Oil Aromatherapy Diffuser is a very simple to use but it does require some care. Below are instructions on how to use and maintain your Air Oil Aromatherapy Diffuser. Please read these instructions BEFORE using your Air Oil Aromatherapy Diffuser.


How to use your Air Oil Aromatherapy Diffuser

Assembling your device

  • Remove all the components in the product box including the wood base, glass diffuser bottle, glass cap and power supply.
  • Twisting back and forth, push the glass diffuser bottle into the
    rubber hole on the top of the wood base. Be careful not to twist the
    bottle in one direction as this could twist the inner air tube and choke
    off the air supply.
  • Plug in your aroma diffuser into any 110v to 240 AC wall socket.
    Note that if the power plug on the wood base sometimes needs and extra
    push to plug in all the way.

Adding oil

  • Carefully drop in between 10 and 25 drops of oil into the glass bottle.
  • Be sure not to over-fill the bottle. If oil is filled past the top
    of the small glass tubes at the bottom of the bottle oil will leak into
    the air tube and down into the motor. Essential oil will destroy the
    internal motor.

Running your diffuser

  • Turn the power knob clockwise one click to turn the unit on.
  • Turning the knob clockwise increase the flow of vapor and counterclockwise to reduce the flow.
  • The oil in your diffuser should last between 30 and 60min depending on the power level.

Timer units

  • If you purchased a unit with an internal timer, the unit will turn
    on for 10 min and off for either 10 or 30 min depending on which timer
    you purchased. The unit will continue this cycle for 90 min then turn
    itself off.

How to Maintain your Diffuser

General Care

  • The Diffuser is designed to last many
    years if properly maintained. Occasionally you should clean both the
    base and glass parts with rubbing alcohol to remove oil residue.

Cleaning the bottle and cap

  • To
    clean the bottle, gently remove it from the wood base by twisting the
    bottle back and forth. Place the bottle and cap in a coffee mug or
    drinking glass and poor rubbing alcohol into the bottle past the top of
    the glass tubes. Rubbing alcohol will flow through the tubes and clean
  • Feel
    free to hold the bottle with alcohol in it, in your hands, covering the
    top and bottom with your palms and shake to speed up the cleaning
  • Use excess rubbing alcohol to swab the outside of the bottle and wood base to remove any residue.
  • Do not
    use soap and water to clean your bottle as it will leave water marks
    inside your bottle that are very difficult to remove even with rubbing
  • Soak your bottle overnight if your diffuser seems to have reduced vapor output.
  • Feel
    free to diffuse 5 to 10 drops of rubbing alcohol to clear out remaining
    oil if you plan to switch oils and don’t want them to mix or plan to
    leave the unit off for many days.
  • Here is a detailed video on how the clean the diffuser.

Q. "There seems to be a little oil left at the bottom of the diffuser that won't diffuse. What should I do?"

A. Normally if there is oil remaining at the bottom that is yellow or heavy, add some lavender. Lavender is incredibly light, blends with the other oils easily well and dilutes heavy oil enough to effectively vaporize. You can also just wash the bottle out with rubbing alcohol if you don't care to use it.

Q. "What's your experience with water based diffusers, what's the difference?"

A. A simple summary, water units are mostly humidifiers that produce water vapor. Our diffuser unit only diffuses oil. Our unit is made of wood and glass, and most water units are plastic. This is mainly a concern because essential oils and plastics tend to be poor bedfellows. Oils stick to and corrode plastics and plastics tend to "change" the nature of essential oil through chemical reaction. Functionally a lot of people like water units because they like the puff of water vapor and flashing lights. We are fundamentalists with regard to therapeutic use of oils and tend to just want oils, not water or lights.  We think our unit is much prettier than the plastic ones and can be left in the main area of your house and look like a piece of art. The plastic ones seem to need to be hidden from sight.

On a technical note, the water units, here is our experience so far. We have really mixed feelings about that technology. They are 99% just a humidifier. The water droplets carry some oil for sure and look quite prolific but again its all water vapor. People claim that they can disburse oils but actually in our experience most of the actual oils, especially the heavy and sticky parts that we in the "therapeutic world" are interested in end up stuck or floating on the side of the water reservoir walls and make a sticky mess. What gets released are the light esters, not the oil.

It makes sense actually when you think about it in terms of oil "size". Oil gets disbursed as micro-droplets in the diffuser using direct air nebulization. Using simple common sense, what happens when you drop oil in water? It pools together into a big blob and floats away from pressure. This is what happens in the water units. The water/air droplets floating up off the ultrasonic transducer capture some oils that are located at the center of the water dish but most of the oil has already moved to the sides of the reservoir and are lost. So I see them as a inferior product for this reason.

Functionally we also have found that most of the oil that is put into the water units gets stuck to the side of the reservoir bath and is not  diffused. Especially the heavier parts (longer chain hydrocarbons and acids) of the oils. It is these longer chains often times that are the business end of the medicinal aspects of the oils. If these are not being released then the main point of the diffuser has been lost in my opinion.

Q. "How do I clean the diffuser?" 

The simple answer is with rubbing alcohol. Instructional & Cleaning video

Q. "What is the guarantee and return policy for the diffuser?"

Product Warranty - The manufacturer guarantees the manufacturing and craftsmanship of the diffuser for a period of 1 year from the time of purchase. However, the manufacturer may extend replacement and repair services beyond the 1 year warranty period.

Returns - Product returns for full refund will be offered to any customer for any reason for a period of 30 days from the date of purchase. Returns for working units will be subject to a 10% cleaning and restocking fee and shipping costs will not be refunded. OAW reserves the right to refuse a full refund if the unit is received and deemed to have been damaged by the user.  Products returned after the 30 day refund period will be repaired or replaced at the seller’s expense. A Return Authorization must be placed on the outside of the box along with the Invoice Proof of Purchase received at time of order.  Please see the OAW Customer Service Page for more information.