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WELCOME to OAWHealth.com (Oasis Advanced Wellness)! I hope you will find OAWHealth.com refreshing, peaceful, educational, informative, up-lifting and most of all full of hope and solutions.

Our homepage banner. When we were deciding about “look and feel” for our homepage, I wanted to convey some meaning and purpose and not just put up random “health and wellness” pictures. Across the top we have included pictures that depict The 6 Prescriptions for Natural Health & Wellness: daily sunshine, organic & healthy food, restful sleep, purified water, exercise and clean air. If you want to support your body toward good health, each one of these are foundational on a daily basis. I hope when you visit OAWHealth.com, you will be reminded of what your body needs daily in order to promote wellness.

“The best way we can change current health statistics is to take
responsibility and charge of our own health and well-being
through knowledge, research and natural prevention.”

As most of you know, the current healthcare situation in America is teetering on a very high cliff. Despite having the most expensive health care system in the world, the United States ranks last overall among 11 industrialized countries on measures of health system quality, efficiency, access to care, equity, and healthy lives, according to a 2014 Commonwealth Fund report.

Friends, as a stage 3 colon cancer survivor of sixteen years (read Cancer – the path to wellness), this ranking and the statistics below are unacceptable. The best way we can change this is to take responsibility and charge of our own health and well-being through knowledge, research and natural prevention. Below are some alarming statistics that are a tell-all as to why Americans are so unhealthy.

Alarming Statistics

  • Obesity Between 1988–1994 and 2009–2012, the percentage of adults aged 20 and over with grade1 obesity (a body mass index [BMI] of 30.0–34.9) increased from 14.8% to 20.4%. Those with grade 2 obesity (BMI of 35.0–39.9) rose from 5.2% to 8.6%, and those with grade 3 or higher obesity (BMI of 40 or higher) doubled, from 3.0% to 6.3% (percentages are age-adjusted). 160 MILLION Americans are overweight or obese. The U.S. has 78 million obese adults, the highest number of any country in the world, even China, with four times the population.
  • Cancer 1 in 2 Americans will get some type of cancer diagnosis in their lifetime.
  • Diabetes 29 MILLION Americans have diabetes. 86 million adults aged 20 years and older have pre-diabetes.
  • Antidepressant Use 1 in 10 Americans now takes an antidepressant medication; among women in their 40s and 50s, the figure is 1 in 4.
  • Alzheimer’s Disease An estimated 5.3 million Americans of all ages have Alzheimer’s disease in 2015. It is the 6th leading cause of death in the United States.
  • Heart Disease In the United States someone has a heart attack every 43 seconds.
  • Anxiety Disorders Anxiety Disorders affect 18.1 percent of adults in the United States (approximately 40 million adults between the ages of 18 to 54).
  • Medical Errors Research estimates up to 440,000 Americans are dying annually from preventable hospital errors. This puts medical errors as the third leading cause of death in the United States. We are burying a population the size of Miami every year from medical errors that can be prevented.
  • Prescription Drugs Properly prescribed drugs (aside from mis-prescribing, overdosing, or self-prescribing) cause about 1.9 million hospitalizations a year. Another 840,000 hospitalized patients are given drugs that cause serious adverse reactions for a total of 2.74 million serious adverse drug reactions. About 128,000 people die from drugs prescribed to them. This makes prescription drugs a major health risk, ranking 4th with stroke as a leading cause of death.

A review compiled by an electronic health records software company of over 7 million primary care providers in early 2011 showed that almost all of the top 25 reasons why people were seeking medical care were for symptoms related to chronic conditions. The most common conditions were hypertension, hyperlipidemia, and diabetes, with back pain, anxiety, and obesity following closely behind. These patients form the financial backbone of most primary care providers’ practices. As one Osteopathic Doctor told me recently, most of the health concerns that he treats stem from personal lifestyle choices! In other words, a mere change in lifestyle would effectively treat most health concerns without the us or prescriptions drugs, surgery or radiation.

GOOD NEWS! The good news is that more and more people are realizing the importance of taking responsibility for their health or lack of it and are beginning to realize that drugging, cutting and burning the body is not usually a sufficient answer in addressing the root cause of their health concerns.

At OAWHealth.com we consider the body as a whole. If one part is having difficulty, that difficulty most certainly affects the entire body. We also realize that each person’s body and bio-chemistry is unique and; therefore, the need to offer individualized and customized programs. We delight in helping people to balance their body through whole body detoxification, healthy (non-fad) diet, healthy nutrition, weight loss, cutting-edge supplementation, hormonal balance and emotional and physical stress relief. Our programs have proven successful with hundreds of people, just like you.

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I invite you to pour yourself a cup of herbal tea, put on your most comfortable clothes, turn on some relaxing music and browse through the OAWHealth.com website. Whether you need detailed information concerning a specific topic, information about personalized healthcare programs, hi-tech supplementation and cutting-edge home healthcare equipment, or are just wondering who we are, we hope you will consider the pages of the OAWHealth.com website your go-to reference in making informed lifestyle and health decisions. Please take a few moments right now to bookmark our site so you can visit OAWHealth.com often.

Advanced Health & Wellness Newsletter. As Editor-in-Chief and contributor to the OAW Advanced Health & Wellness monthly newsletter, I highly encourage you to sign up today. We offer up-to-date natural health information along with a no-frills approach to educating our readers about healthy living and wellness. We also offer oaw-store-bannermonthly coupons on products and supplements. Advanced Health & Wellness Newsletter is not a newsletter that repeats superficial articles that are found in health magazines or on the Internet. Instead we include articles that will make a difference in your life while actually educating you in the field of natural medicine, wellness and green living. Our goal is meaningful education and factual research, not fluff.

When making decisions about your health direction, remember the Three D’s – Desire, Discipline and Determination. This is what it takes to successfully walk the path of health and wellness. Maybe it’s time, now, for you to start the path toward feeling good, looking good and being better – if so, you’ve come to the right place.

I would love to hear from you with any feedback or suggestions concerning our site. Keep in mind that I do offer telephone consultations (as time permits) and also in-office health and wellness consultations for those in the Houston area.

Thanks again for spending time with OAWHealth.com! We count it a privilege and honor to be a partner with you in your journey to good health and wellness.

Be Well,
Loretta Lanphier, NP, CN, CH, HHP