Himalayan Crystal – Fine Granulated


Himalayan Crystal Salt™ with ionic minerals is the cleanest and most useful form of salt crystals in the world. This fine granulated crystal salt works wonderfully in salt shakers, recipes and for use in the Oasis Neti Pot for all-natural sinus cleansing.

Himalayan Crystal Salt™

The Purest of Salt - The Essence of Life

Ionic Salt | Fine Granulated | Packaged in 100% Cotton Bag

Each box contains one cotton bag of 1 kilo (2 lbs. 2.35oz.) salt

What is Himalayan Crystal Salt™

Himalayan Crystal Ionic Salt is made from the crystal stones of Himalayan Salt and is hand-crushed for use in your salt shaker, recipes and personal care. Replace the salt in your kitchen and get vital minerals in your diet with every use. You will be surprised at the beautiful shade of pink of Himalayan Crystal Salt.

Benefits of Himalayan Crystal Salt

Himalayan Crystal Salt contains 84 minerals along with trace elements that come alive when dissolved in water, able to penetrate the human cell in a form that can be easily metabolized by the body and does not dehydrate your body the way that common salt can.

Himalayan Crystal Salt

  • Helps in the regulation of heart beat
  • Provides energy
  • Replenishes electrolytes 
  • Helps prevent muscle cramps
  • Helps to maintain bone firmness
  • Balancing of blood sugar
  • Promotes cellular absorption of nutrients
  • Promotes healthy patterns in sleep
  • Aids in body detoxification of certain toxins
  • Helps runny nose & sinus infections

Himalayan Crystal Salt and Table Salt - The Difference

Ordinary table salt imposes a huge burden on the body - Because it is bleached and chemically stripped of everything that might be beneficial, it introduces additional toxins, into the body, that are difficult to be expelled completely or easily.

Himalayan Crystal Salt - is nutrient dense with all the beneficial trace elements and minerals identical to what is present in sea water (without the toxins). It provides to the body 84 trace elements and nutrients which can be easily absorbed and utilized.

Sodium Chloride (NaCl) causes dehydration - Uric acid is formed when the body is trying to expel excess table salt. The body will then pull the water from the cells in an effort to stop the damage by ionizing the substance into chloride and sodium. Because of this, cells can become dehydrated and eventually die since table salt does not contain anything that would stop the excessive transfer of water out of cells.
Himalayan Crystal Salt - does not present this problem of dehydration. Instead it will regulate the amount of water that's allowed to pass through cell walls thus preserving optimal balance.


  • Himalayan Crystal Salt
    Like other natural, unrefined salts, Himalayan salt comes from the Himalayas and contains a variety of trace minerals.

Suggested Use

Use Original Himalayan Crystal Salt™ for all your dietary and cooking needs. It can also be added to bath water. Water activates the salt and your skin will be revitalized by the beneficial minerals in a salt water bath.


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