Oasis Neti Pot


The Oasis Neti Pot Sinus Cleanser is lead-free and dishwasher safe. Easy to handle, no plastics and no heavy metals. Great for sinus suffers focusing on sinus health and prevention.

Oasis Neti Pot

Daily Sinus Rinse & Cleansing


Why You Should Rinse Your Sinuses

Your nasal passages are lined with a thin layer of mucus and are one of your body's first lines of defense against disease. Let's face it, we deal with a lot more toxic pollution than we used to. Nasal rinsing helps keep this layer of mucus moist, clean and healthy. Regular use can help prevent accumulation of old mucus thus maintaining healthy secretions of the ear, nose and throat, often relieving sinus pressure.

Why use the Oasis Ceramic Neti Pot

Made of 100% lead-free ceramic
Small and easy to grasp in one hand making the possibility of dropping it almost non-existent
Holds enough for cleansing one side.  Refill for other side.  No guessing.
No possibility of rusting
Fully glazed inside so no possibility of ceramic exposure
No possibly of exposure to toxic metals such as nickel
Tip is appropriate for any size nostril
Sleek, soft and soothing look

Most sinus problems fall into three categories: acute, chronic and allergenic (which could be both acute and chronic). Acute sinus problems often come about from seasonal allergies, a cold, or the flu, and are seen as a temporary condition. Chronic sinus problems are often long term, quite possibly from allergies, climate changes, or from a completely unknown source. For long periods of time the sinuses seem to be inflamed and filled with mucous. Allergen sinuses are simply that - from allergies which can be a temporary condition if it's a summer airborne allergy or chronic if it's an undiagnosed allergy. Headaches and sinus pressure can be associated with all three categories. Whichever category describes you best, you will find sinus relief after using a nasal pot.

Nose and Sinus Health

Breathing through the nose filters and conditions all incoming air. Our nasal passages are lined with a very thin layer of mucus that traps dirt, dust, and pollen and moves steadily to the rear of the nasal cavity, settling in the throat, where it is then swallowed. Saline nasal rinses will carry some of these impurities and toxins out of the body before they reach the stomach. They also keep the protective layer of mucus functioning in the correct manner. If the mucus should become too thick and dry or too thin and runny, it becomes much easier for bacteria and viruses to penetrate the nasal lining and cause swelling and excess discharge of mucus which is the beginning of a cold or clogged sinuses. That’s why natural medicine has always recommended gargling or sniffing a little salt water at the first sign of a cold and why many people in India have always used a small pot of salt water to rinse the nasal passages. The Oasis Neti Pot continues these time-tested traditions of safe and natural hygiene.

Uses for the Oasis Neti Pot

  • In the mornings, perform a nasal wash to wake up, clear your nostrils, and start the day breathing freely.
  • Use the Oasis Neti Pot to remove excess mucus from nasal congestion.
  • During allergy season use the Oasis Neti Pot several times per day to rid the nostrils of pollen and other allergens.
  • Use the Oasis Neti Pot after being exposed to soot, dust, smoke, or other airborne contaminants.
  • Use the Oasis Neti Pot to refresh sinuses in dry climates or in air-conditioned or heated rooms and after air travel.
  • For sufferers of chronic sinusitis, nasal irrigation is a quick and inexpensive way to promote ciliary function and mucus turnover, decrease edema, and improve drainage through the sinus ostia.

Hints about the Oasis Neti Pot

  • Make sure that salt crystals are thoroughly dissolved. Un-dissolved crystals can irritate the sinus passages.  We recommend Himalayan Crystal Salt.
  • Always used distilled water, never tap water.
  • For best results, use the Oasis Neti Pot every day.
  • Some prefer to use a full pot of water for each nostril.
  • Use the Oasis Neti Pot at least 30 minutes before you lie down or go to bed. This gives the sinuses a chance to drain.
  • Himalayan Crystal Salt is the best salt to use. Table salt (or white sea salt) has been stripped of minerals and therefore isn't as helpful in breaking down the mucous in the sinuses.

Oasis Neti Pot Product Information

Dimensions: 6” length x 3.75” height x 4.5” deep

Made of: Ceramic, 100% lead-free and dishwasher safe. No toxic chemicals or metals.

Colors: Purple and Green

Each pot holds: 8 ounces of liquid