• Excellae′ Age Defense Cream

      Excellae′ Age Defense Cream

      Excellae′ Age Defense Cream from Purely Ageless™ Skincare combines premium botanical expertise to create a spa-quality moisturizing and hydrating cream formulated with organic and natural ingredients and an impressive botanical ingredient list, including the highest purity of essential oils. Purely Ageless™ Skincare utilizes this premium expertise to support graceful aging without the use of toxic ingredients.

      • Deeply moisturizes and hydrates your skin with all-natural ingredients.
      • Softens skin and minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
      • Promotes a feeling of calmness and well-being with our unique blend of exotic essential oils.
      • Organically preserved. Free of toxic ingredients. Vegan.

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      Price: $59.95

    • intraMAX 2.0 liquid multivitamin supplement

      intraMAX 2.0 liquid multivitamin supplement

      intraMAX 2.0 liquid multivitamin supplement provides an assortment of 415 nutrients, including vitamins, trace and macro minerals, probiotics, antioxidants, enzymes, fruits, vegetables, fatty acids, bioflavinoids, and amino acids, and much more, all in a one-ounce per day serving. intraMAX 2.0 liquid multivitamin supplement makes sure you get the crucial nutrition you need daily.† 32 fluid oz. or 2 fluid oz. travel size.

      • Ultra Bioavailable Liquid Formula
      • Dispenses All Essential Nutrients
      • Assists Total Health & Wellness

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      Price: $88.00

    • intraMIN


      intraMIN™ 100% Organic! A 100% carbon-bond liquid microcomplexed™ trace mineral supplement. Lack of organic minerals has been shown to be the cause for many illnesses and ailments. intraMIN™ contains 72+ trace minerals that are 100% Organic, super hypo-allergenic, drug free, and preservative free. †Results may vary.

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      Price: $75.00

    • intraKID 2.0

      intraKID 2.0

      intraKID 2.0 is an organic, all-in-one, liquid multivitamin, and nutritional supplement specifically formulated for children ages four to 12. It provides over 215 vitamins, minerals, and other important nutrients children need to grow. Now you can make sure your children get the supplemental nutrition they need every day.† †Results may vary.

      • Provides Every Essential Nutrients Children Need
      • Supports Healthy Growth & Development
      • Fresh Raspberry Flavor
      • 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

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      Price: $80.00

    • Oxy-Powder® Safe & Natural Colon Cleanser

      Oxy-Powder® Safe & Natural Colon Cleanser

      Is gas, bloating, or occasional constipation making you feel like your digestive system needs a tune-up? Whatever your motivation, Oxy-Powder can help by using natural oxygen to safely and effectively melt away compacted feces from your intestinal tract. It’s an easy way to stay regular and support a healthy lifestyle. †Results may vary.
      • Cleanses and Detoxifies
      • Optimizes Digestive Health
      • Supports a Healthy Gut
      • 60-Day Guarantee — we'll give you a full refund if you're not absolutely satisfied.
      • USPS FREE shipping.
      • 60 or 120-count veggie capsules.

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      Price: $29.95

    • Organic Hemp Extract – Relaxation & Joint Relief

      Organic Hemp Extract – Relaxation & Joint Relief

      Finally here, a hemp product you can trust! Full-spectrum, high-CBD Organic Hemp Extract allows you to enjoy the remarkable benefits of this impressive plant as nature intended. Every bottle contains 3,300 mg of pure hemp extract — 110 mg per serving when used as directed.† 1 ounce. †Results may vary.

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      Price: $79.95

    • Univase Forte Proteolytic Enzyme Formula

      Univase Forte Proteolytic Enzyme Formula

      20% more potent than Wobenzyme, Univase Forte Proteolytic Enzyme formula contains ten different enzymes and other synergistic nutrients to enhance nutritional benefits and support the body's natural inflammation response.† High Alpha-Chymotrypsin | Trypsin | Serratiopeptidase formula. FREE USPS SHIPPING (Continental USA only) Available in the following vegetarian capsule counts: 200 count 400 count 800 count †Results may vary.  

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      Price: $110

    • Intelli-Pro XJ3800 Air Purifier

      Intelli-Pro XJ3800 Air Purifier

      The Intelli-Pro XJ3800 air purifier provides 7 proven air-cleaning stages for virtually every pollutant type, plus advanced sensor technology. Includes Washable Pre-Filter, Dust Collection Grid, Activated Carbon Filter, HEPA filter, Photocatalytic oxidation filter, Germicidal UV lamp, Air-Cleaning Negative Ions are circulated throughout the room. Safe and scientifically proven to be effective. CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK

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      Price: $299.00