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Certified Organic Tulsi – Holy Basil Supplement for Stress Relief

In Ayurvedic medicine, Tulsi (also known as Holy Basil) is considered a sacred plant. Sometimes referred to as the “queen of herbs,” its adaptogenic properties encourage a healthy response to stress, boost natural energy production, and promote mental well-being.†  2 fluid oz

  • Calms nerves
  • Supports the immune system
  • Balances energy levels
  • Encourages restful sleep

Organic Tulsi is a certified organic formula produced from fresh leaves using our Raw Herbal Extract™ technology with Energized Trace Minerals™. †Results may vary.

Organic Tulsi/Holy Basil

What Is Tulsi?

Life is full of challenges and stressors, and how you respond to them has a large impact on your health and wellness. Whether you’re looking for a daily supplement to help you feel your best or need extra support during challenging times, holy basil soothes the body, mind, and spirit.

Tulsi (Ocimum sanctum), also known as holy basil, is an Ayurvedic herb that’s been used for thousands of years to promote mental balance, a healthy response to stress, and full-body wellness. We took the best organic tulsi leaves and concentrated their benefits with Raw Herbal Extract technology so you can confidently handle whatever comes your way.

Health Benefits of Tulsi

Tulsi contains plant-based antioxidants and nutrients that support the body during times of stress and occasional anxiety. Stress has mental and physical effects, and our liquid formula is especially helpful at regulating the body’s response.

Calms Nerves

Stress is a part of life that affects everyone. Holy basil is an adaptogenic herb that eases tension and makes challenging, stressful situations easier to handle.

Balances Energy

Stress is exhausting and its effects can weigh you down physically as well as mentally. Tulsi contains nutrients that promote natural energy and physical stamina.

Supports Immune System

Holy basil is a source of plant compounds and minerals that naturally boost and strengthen your immune system so you can feel your best.

The Top 5 Reasons to Take Tulsi

Promotes Mental Well-Being

Holy basil has been used for millennia to heighten mental clarity and alertness.

Soothes Redness & Swelling

Tulsi can help to ease systemic redness and swelling throughout the body.

Helps You Relax

Holy basil encourages a calm, relaxed mind — even when emotions are tested.

Supports Lung Function

Tulsi stimulates the upper respiratory tract to encourage clear, comfortable breathing.

Encourages Restful Sleep

Not only will tulsi help you remain calm during trying times, it’ll also help you sleep at night.

Why Our Organic Tulsi Is Different

Tulsi is one of the best plant-based sources of stress relief. This concentrated, bioavailable Raw Herbal Extract offers you the best tulsi supplement available.

Fresh, Organic Leaves & Flowers

We use  only fresh tulsi leaves and flowers sourced directly from organic growers who hand-harvest at the perfect time to ensure maximum nutrients.

Other Brands use stale leaves & toxic Filler - Many tulsi supplements use dried leaf of questionable origin, and some contain other parts of the plant, including larger stems or roots, which may not offer the same nutritional benefits.


Our Raw Herbal Extract technology uses certified organic glycerin derived from mustard seed to preserve the plant’s vital nutrients and living energy.

Other Brands contain alcohol - Most herbal extractions are made with alcohol. Alcohol has a harsh, denaturing effect that ravages plant energy and produces a dull and dead extract. Alcohol even disrupts the endocrine system.

High Bioavailability

Exclusive to our Raw Herbal Extract technology, the herbal extract is combined with Energized Trace Minerals — a carbon- and sulfur-rich blend of minerals that enhance the extract’s energetic structure and bioavailability.

Other brands are poorly absorbed - Adulterated, weak, and stale — that describes most holy basil supplements. Not only do they not contain Energized Trace Minerals, but they're also low in nutrients and may contain unwanted fillers, thus reducing the available therapeutic compounds.

Tips for Taking Tulsi

Take It Daily

Tulsi is great for everyday use. Add it to your daily routine and be ready to conquer anything.

Add It to Your Tea

Add a serving of organic tulsi to your warm or iced tea to give it a natural, therapeutic boost.

Pure Earth Promise

We use only the best holy basil. You may notice slight taste, smell, and color variations in each bottle. While other companies use chemicals and dyes to hide the naturally occurring variations, we proudly embrace them as a reminder of the ingredients' natural authenticity.


Raw Herbal Extract Technology

How Our Raw Herbal Extract Is Made

The Herbs

The herbs we choose are certified organic or wild-harvested from clean environments in harmonious cooperation with nature to maximize their quality and potency to ensure that we obtain the best, freshest herbs. Our top priority is to be good stewards of the land; to protect and nurture the cherished, therapeutic plants and the soils that nourish them. Our adherence to organic principles means that we use green, eco-friendly technologies that reduce the strain on the local and global environment. By demonstrating sound practices and instilling love and positive energy in every herb, we strive to create a model for future farms and green projects.

The Raw Herbal Extraction Process

Our Raw Herbal Extract formulas are extracted in all-glass vessels, not the standard metal extraction vessels that most manufacturers use. Exposure to metals can alter the sensitive energetics of the plant. Our unique extraction technology was designed to capture the plant’s essential aromatic components and sterols (lipids and waxes), oleoresins, resinoids, high-density polysaccharides, and other constituents — all in their synergistic, full-spectrum state. This involves a sustained, multi-step, cold-processing extraction procedure. Depending on the herb, this may take between nine and 30 days. This preserves the plant’s delicate components, vitamins, minerals, cofactors, fragile essential oil complexes, and subtle energetic signatures.

Organic vegetable glycerin and triple-distilled water are used exclusively for our extraction process. Triple-distilled water is free of chemicals and pH-neutral. The more times water is distilled, the more it can absorb light, herbal compounds, and subtle energies. Triple-distilled water, which is considered to be bioactive, was the only form of water used by the ancient alchemists for extracting, energizing, and stabilizing components of herbs.

Raw Herbal Extracts Are Alcohol-Free

After we produce triple-distilled water, it is added to certified organic, palm-free, vegetable glycerin that’s derived from mustard seeds. Alcohol destroys or renders inactive many of the plant’s bioactive constituents, such as aromatics, enzymes, polysaccharides, constituents, and co-factors. This is important because many glycerin-based extracts on the market today are first extracted with alcohol before being combined with glycerin. Extracting and preserving herbs in alcohol can deactivate many of the herb’s vital compounds.

Our unique, alcohol-free process preserves the botanical’s constituents and stabilizes all the various elements. Glycerin also has micro-encapsulating properties. Unlike alcohol, glycerin and triple-distilled water act to encapsulate more of the vital constituents and compounds. Glycerin also preserves the original taste factors important to the efficacy of the herbs. No other solvent or chemical extractive agents, such as alcohol or methanol, possess this quality.

Cold Filtration Technology

After a nine to thirty-day glycerin extraction process, a proprietary cold filtering process is used to purify the product and deliver the most consistent taste, texture, and viscosity possible. The manufacturer of organic tulsi is one of the only organic nutraceutical companies in the world to utilize such technology in the production of herbal extracts. Our advanced filtering technology operates in a climate-controlled environment to filter the liquid product without generating heat; this preserves the delicate constituents of the herbs. The final and integral stage of production is the addition of our unique blend of Energized Trace Minerals.

Energized Trace Minerals

Our method of activating and adding a unique blend of Energized Trace Minerals is based on techniques used by the Father of Alchemy, Philippus Aureolus Paracelsus, who concluded that the addition of trace minerals causes the herbal extract to become exponentially stronger, as well as more bioavailable, balanced, and stable. They are created using methods that were developed more than a thousand years ago and prized by alchemists because they incorporated the five elements of nature: water, earth, air, fire, and aether.

Each step of the trace mineral production process gathers and concentrates monatomic elements and sends them into a high-electron spin state. Minerals and trace minerals are activated and pulled into organic complexes where they are fixed and preserved in a readily available state.

Final Result

It’s all the result of a ten-year-long dedication to discovering, testing, and crafting industry-leading herbal extraction techniques that produce highly energetic, potent, and effective formulas that promote optimal health and wellness. You can actually taste the complete profile of natural aromas, flavors, and essence of the plant and the earth from which it grew just as if you picked it fresh from the wild.

† Results may vary.

What's In Tulsi

Tulsio-Holy-Basil Ingredients

What's Not In Tulsi/Holy Basil

We will never use ingredients or packaging that could harm your health or the environment. Tulsi is free of:

Animal Byproducts

† Results may vary.

Tulsi-Holy-Basil Supplement Facts

† Results may vary.


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