Latero-Flora Probiotic


Latero-Flora is a probiotic supplement that populates the intestinal tract with beneficial bacteria. It uses Brevibacillus laterosporus, a proven probiotic strain that encourages cleansing and balance throughout your digestive system.

  • Strengthens the Gut
  • Supports Digestive Health
  • Boosts the Immune System


What Is Latero-Flora?

Latero-Flora is a unique strain of Brevibacillus laterosporus (B.O.D. strain), a naturally-occurring bacteria which populates the intestines with beneficial organisms that support digestion and promote a healthy colon. It helps to cleanse harmful organisms, including Candida, that can cause an imbalance in your gut. 

Each 60-capsule bottle will last 30 days when used as directed. Gluten-FREE | Vegan | GMO-FREE | No Animal Testing

Latero-Flora™ Discovery

An agriculturalist who was visiting a remote part of Iceland discovered plush tasting vegetables produced without chemicals. Upon returning to the U.S., he began to conduct a series of studies that revealed the secret of the soil's growing energy. This discovery led to a patented formula is a unique strain of Bacillus Laterosporus (B.O.D. STRAIN), a naturally occurring bacteria.

Latero-Flora™ (B.O.D. strain) can help maintain a healthy colon and will also help populate the complete digestive tract with beneficial bacteria.

The Secret World Within You

Just as our Earth holds a wealth of life forms – on occasion existing harmoniously, other times besieged fitfully against each other -- so too does the human body maintain an enormous internal ecosystem consisting of thousands of billions of living microorganisms that co-exist. This vast inner ecosystem, which many researchers call our "human intestinal flora," radically influences, and to a certain degree even directs, every individual's personal state of health and well being -- including physical and mental health, and metabolism. Over 400 separate species of microorganisms live in the various regions of the human digestive tract, making up almost four pounds of every person's total body weight. This enormous population of microorganisms dramatically exceeds the number of tissue cells that make up what we call the human body.

When functioning correctly, this vast unseen world

  • Helps protect your body against unfriendly bacteria.
  • Helps in the performance of the digestive system.
  • Maintains the body's crucial chemical and hormone balance.
  • Performs an enormous number of required tasks for preserving high energy levels and proper immune function.

Transient Microorganisms

Transient microorganisms are essential to understand. These include food-borne microorganisms and soil-borne microorganisms that make their way into the digestive tract and, depending upon the uniqueness of the exact organism involved, shape the overall health of the human system.

Transient microorganisms are dissimilar from resident microorganisms in that they do not take up lasting residence in the gastrointestinal tract. Instead, they launch small colonies for short periods before dying off or being flushed from the digestive tract via usual digestive processes, or by peristaltic bowel action.

However, in taking up temporary residence, they add to the overall purpose and condition of the gastrointestinal tract. For example, the lives of some of the most significant resident microorganisms involved in digestion and intestinal health depend on by-products made by the drop-in transients. Therefore, in many cases, these two extremely different types of microorganisms nonetheless benefit from an intricate symbiotic relationship that may considerably influence the health and well being of the entire body.

Bacillus Laterosporus (B.O.D. ™ strain)

Bacillus Laterosporus is one of the most enigmatic of the transient "friendly" microorganisms located in the human gastrointestinal tract. Bacillus Laterosporus (B.O.D. ™ strain) is a spore-bearing bacteria which enables the encased spore to survive the stomach acids. Thus, the full benefit of Bacillus Laterosporus B.O.D.™ will bloom and flourish in the colon and establish colonies that will augment the immune system.

Despite the average American's obsession with sanitation, we digest thousands of bacteria with every bite of food. In the nineteenth century, the average person ate mostly foods straight from the garden. These foods contained large amounts of beneficial bacteria, which, when ingested, populated the intestines. The bacteria in today's food supply are not the same as those of a hundred years ago; they are mostly disease-producing bacteria.

Research has shown that the "ecosystem" of our soil has changed, especially in industrialized countries that use large amounts of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. Also, today's food is highly processed. It is heated, dried, and totally denatured. These processes effectively kill any beneficial bacteria.

Health Benefits of Latero-Flora

Strengthens Gut Flora

Friendly organisms reside in your digestive tract to aid in digestion, support your immune system, and much more. Latero-Flora supplies beneficial bacteria for additional strength.

Digestion Support

Without good probiotics in your digestive tract, you will not experience the best nutritional value from what you eat. Latero-Flora encourages optimum digestion and nutrient assimilation.

Enhances Immune System

The majority of your immune system resides in your digestive tract. When your microbiota is healthy and robust, it's able to help your immune system counteract harmful organisms.

The Main Reasons You need Latero-Flora

1. Eases Digestive Concerns

A probiotic is excellent for helping those usual digestive concerns such as frequent bloating, gas, and gurgling.

2. Emotional Wellness

Research tells us that the gut and brain are linked. In fact, your digestive tract makes 90% of your serotonin.

3. Reinstates Balance

Antibiotics are known to literally clean out your microbiota as well as upset your stomach. Latero-Flora helps to reinstate balance.

4. Bowel Regularity

Certain concerns, such as occasional constipation or irregular bowel movements are reduced when probiotics are taken.

5. Elevates Total Health

A healthy gut supports all aspects of your well-being — energy levels, mood, skin, and more.

Suggestions for Taking Latero-Flora

1. Perform a Colon Cleanse

Harmful organisms thrive in an unhealthy intestinal tract. Our Optimum Wellness Starter Oxygen Colon Cleanse Kit helps to create a friendly environment so that healthy bacteria can thrive.

2. Use an Enzyme Supplement

For even more digestive support, take a comprehensive enzyme supplement like Veganzyme with each meal. Enzymes help you digest food thoroughly.

8 Steps For Fighting Candida

Latero-Flora™ can help maintain a healthy colon and will help populate the intestines with beneficial bacteria, thus enhancing the immune system, and in general, help in the digestion and absorption of nutrients.

1) Do not eat any form of refined sugar or fermented foods, including yogurt and cheese. The following may be consumed:: Granny Smith Apple, Berries of all kinds. Eat one clove of garlic every day.

2) Supplement with Latero-Flora according to directions.

3) Consume an enzyme formula before each meal. Enzymes help to chew the food up and thus leave less for the yeast to thrive on.

4) Implement food combining for your complete diet. Food combining is designed to help your food move quickly through your system without any chance of fermentation, which, in turn, will significantly improve your digestion process.

5) Consume some kind of oxygen-based colon cleanser before bed to help with the removal of the dead yeast from your body. This can protect you from experiencing a healing crisis from toxins given off from the yeast. As an added benefit, it will keep the colon clean and provide an oxygenated environment. Yeast thrives in an anaerobic environment.

6) Consider using a good quality colloidal silver product.

7) Oregatrex, Wild Mediterranean oregano blend, may help control Candida.

8) Mycozil™ — a blend of herbs such as Wildcrafted Jatoba bark and Pau d'arco bark, and enzymes formulated to support healthy candida balance and cleansing.

Remember that it may take months to get yeast over-growth under control. Continue on your diet and supplements. Drink at least 64 ounces daily of clean, pure water. Consider lymphatic drainage techniques to keep the lymph system moving. Practice patience and determination.

†Results may vary.

Latero-Flora Supplement Facts


  • Every morning, 20 minutes before eating, take two capsules with water.
  • After one month, reduce usage to 2 to 3 times weekly.


Q: How many servings are in a bottle?

A: Each bottle offers about 30 servings (2 capsules). When used as directed, it should last 30 days.

Q: Can this probiotic Latero Flora be given to teenagers - 13-16yrs old? If yes, is it effective for teens. Or do you have another recommendation?

A: Latero-Flora is primarily for adults; however, children have used it safely and successfully by taking half of the recommended serving. We imagine that it can be useful for your teenagers too. As always, it's helpful to check in with their healthcare provider for additional tips and guidance.

Q: Does Latero-Flora need to be stored in the refrigerator?

A: Since Latero-Flora is a soil-based probiotic, it does not require refrigeration. So, you can safely store it at room temperature.

Q: Looking for a new probiotic. I just heard a podcast the other day that said you should switch your probiotics out and not stay on the same one all the time. Is this so taking this probiotic? Should I alternate with another? Ever since I had a test where they use contrast dye and Cipro intravenously my stomach has been a mess cannot seem to get My digestion Straight. Hoping this one will be helpful.

A: It may help to vary your probiotic intake to encourage the growth of good intestinal bacteria. It's a great idea to start with Latero-Flora since it merely contains the unique Brevibacillus laterosporus (BOD strain). It can be useful in eliminating harmful organisms, balancing candida overgrowth, and establishing the colonies of healthy intestinal flora.

Our more advanced probiotic Floratrex is a 25 probiotic blend with prebiotics that helps populate your digestive tract with a mix of beneficial bacteria to support digestion and boost the immune system. It can be used daily or occasionally and is ideal for individuals who need a significant amount of varied probiotic species to support intestinal health.

If you'd like, you can also combine both products and take them on alternate days, or once you finish your first bottle of Latero-Flora, you can switch over to Floratrex and repeat that cycle for as long as needed.

Q: Should I take this with the Oxy-Powder or after?

A: We recommend taking Latero-Flora with Oxy-Powder since it helps facilitate the detox process. Here you have more information within our Optimum Wellness Starter Oxygen Cleanse Program

Q: How do I know the expiration date of this product and can it be taken after that time?

A: Latero-Flora typically has a shelf-life of two years, and the Best By Date is near the top of the bottle. If something is past the Best By Date, the formula lessens in potency over time. So, you can still try using your Latero-Flora bottle at your discretion.

Q: Is it ok to take single dose before last meal of the day in the early evening/dinner hour? Latero-Flora SIG directions suggest to take single dose in the “morning” before meal.

A: We find that it's best to take Latero-Flora in the mornings to support your digestion throughout the day; however, you can also take it at night, if desired, 20 minutes before dinner or 2 hours after dinner to ensure maximum absorption.

Q: How does drinking alcohol pair with taking your two probiotics?

A: We generally recommend avoiding alcohol while taking Latero-Flora or Floratrex since alcohol may affect your digestion and interfere with the effectiveness of these two products.

Q: Will it help me with colitis and severe intestinal spasms?

A: Latero-Flora is excellent for supporting proper digestion and boosting the immune system. While it is not meant to address colitis or intestinal spams, it may help optimize your overall health and wellness.

Q: Am I able to pull the capsules apart and mix in water to swallow?

A: Yes, you can also open the capsules and mix the powder in water rather than taking the capsules themselves. Both uses are equally effective.


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