Articles: Vitamin D-3

    The Antibiotic Vitamin

    The Antibiotic Vitamin Janet Raloff In April 2005, a virulent strain of influenza hit a maximum-security forensic psychiatric hospital for men that's midway between San... Read More

    Epidemic Influenza and Vitamin D

    Epidemic Influenza And Vitamin D In early April of 2005, after a particularly rainy spring, an influenza epidemic (epi: upon, demic: people) exploded through the... Read More

    Vitamin D Protects Against Tuberculosis

    VITAMIN D PROTECTS AGAINST TUBERCULOSIS (HealthDay News) -- Discovery of the molecular mechanism that the body uses to fight off tuberculosis could open the way to use of ordinary vitamin supplements... Read More

    The Miracle of Vitamin D

    THE MIRACLE OF VITAMIN D by Krispin Sullivan, CN In April of 2000 a clinical observation published in Archives of Internal Medicine caught my attention. Dr. Anu Prabhala and his colleagues reported... Read More

    Vitamin D

    VITAMIN D by Krispin Sullivan, CN For all vitamin D enthusiasts- Please do not take D in amounts larger than 800 IU daily from all sources (including sun exposure) without clinical testing, physician... Read More

    Twisting the Record on Vitamin D

    Twisting the Record on Vitamin D Ralph W. Moss, Ph.D A team of researchers led by National Cancer Institute (NCI) epidemiologist Dr. Michal Freedman has published an article suggesting that... Read More
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