Articles: Aging

    Five Myths of Aging

    THE FIVE MYTHS OF AGING By: Lauri M. Aesoph N.D. I you were an alien visiting our planet, you might think Earthlings never age. Even as awareness about aging rises, most major magazines and... Read More

    Aging is a Mistake

    Aging Is A Mistake By Raymond Francis, M.Sc "Aging is a mistake," said Dr. Deepak Chopra. Actually, aging is worse than a mistake, it is a catastrophe. Aging reduces quality of life and causes... Read More

    Enzymes and Longevity…

    ENZYMES AND LONGEVITY Dr. Edward Howell was born in Chicago in 1898. He is the holder of a limited medical license from the state of Illinois. The holder of a limited practice is required to pass... Read More

    Magnesium and Aging

    Magnesium and Aging Michael Lam, M.D., M.P.H., A.B.A.A.M. Contents Is There A Magnesium Deficiency Problem? 3 Causes for Widespread Magnesium Deficiency Blood Test for Magnesium Level How Much... Read More
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