Articles: Emotional Health

    Prayer For Healing

    Prayer For Healing     Father, in the name of Jesus, I confess your word concerning healing. As I do this, I believe and say that your word will not return void, but will accomplish... Read More

    Scriptures on Healing

    Scriptures on Healing The Holy Bible  God's Word tells us that the Word itself is a seed that can bring life and health to your whole being. "My son, attend to my words; incline... Read More

    Is Psychiatry Scientific And Dangerous?

    Is Psychiatry Scientific And Dangerous? Dr. James Howenstine, MD When you look below the surface at the specialty of psychiatry what you uncover is so ludicrous it is difficult to believe that it... Read More

    Kids Going Crazy

    Kids Going Crazy The Drugging of our Children Dr. Gary Null Every parent and grandparent who has children or grandchildren in the public school system or in a licensed day-care should watch this... Read More


    Worry Zig Ziglar   Worry has been described as "interest paid on trouble before it comes due." One of America's... Read More
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