Alkaline Ash / Acid Ash Food List

Alkaline Ash / Acid Ash Food List

Alkaline Ash / Acid Ash Food List


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In order to maintain the natural body balance of 80% alkalinity / 20% acidity (the ratio of planet Earth) we must consume at least 80% alkaline-ash producing foods.

Foods are listed in diminishing order of their positive effect (green borders) in replacing alkaline reserves based upon a typical serving, i.e. raw spinach at 556 per 4c is approximately 100 times more effective than green peas at 5 per 3/4c. Negative numbers (red borders) denote a depletion effect upon alkaline reserves.

Raw spinach*4 cups+556
Beet greens1 cup+478
Molasses1 tablespoon+360
Celery5 stalks+341
Dried figs5 each+297
Carrots3 each+282
Sprouted beans (2")1/2 cup+282
Chard leaves1-1/2 cup+214
Water cress2-1/2 cup+192
Sauerkraut2/3 cup+176
Lettuce1/2 head+170
Green limas2/3 cup+142
Dried limas2/3 cup+123
Rhubarb**1 cup+117
Cabbage1-1/3 cup+111
Broccoli1 cup+101
Beets2/3 cup+98
Brussel sprouts6+95
Green soy beans2/3 cup+85
Cucumber10 slices+71
Parsnip1/2 large+67
Rutabagas3/4 cup+62
Dried peas1/2 cup+57
Cauliflower1 cup+50
Pineapple1 cup+44
Avocado1/2 cup+44
Raisins1/2 cup+42
Dried dates7+40
Green beans1 cup+39
Limes1/2 cup+33
Sour cherries18+30
White potato1+26
Sweet potato1+26
Grapefruit1/2 cup+25
Lemon1/2 cup+24
Blackberries1 cup+22
Orange1/2 cup+22
Peach1 large+21
Raspberries1 cup+19
Banana1 small+18
Onion1 small+14
Grapes1/2 cup+10
Blueberries2/3 cup+5
Watermelon1/2 slice+5
Green peas3/4 cup+5
Olive oil  0
Corn oil** 0
Sugar** 0
Fresh corn1/2 cup-2
Shrimp1/2 cup-4
Honey4 Tablespoons-4
Pork chops1-6
Whole wheat bread**2 slices-8
Bacon2 slices-10
Lamb chop1-10
English walnuts10-10
Wheat bran1 tablespoon-10
White bread**2 spices-15
Lamb1/4 pound-17
Veal chops1-21
Barley5/8 cup-21
Turkey1/4 pound-23
Beef steak1/4 pound-24
Salmon1 cup-26
White flour**5/8 cup-26
Whole wheat flour**5/8 cup-26
Brown rice5/8 cup-29
Wheat germ1 tablespoon-38
Pike1/4 pound-39
Chicken1/4 pound-43
Peanut butter3 tablespoons-49
Macaroni**, spaghetti**7/8 cup-50
Codfish1/4 pound-51
Soda crackers8-52
Haddock1/4 pound-78
Lobster1/4 pound-78
Corned beef1/4 pound-80
Oatmeal1 cup-95
Sausage6 links-160
Dried lentils1/2 cup-171
Scallops1/4 cup-226

* Best eaten raw

** Not recommended for human consumption

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