Amalgam Fillings

Amalgam Fillings


by John Wantling

This article is a warning, and covers the controversy over the common amalgam dental filling, also known as silver, silver mercury or mercury filling, amalgam being your dentists filling of choice, used by most dental practitioners, and which unfortunately the vast majority of people have in their teeth.

The color is silver, but given enough time due to corrosion and chemical interaction, this may change to black – this is an indication of the formation of mercurial salts. Another sign of amalgam being present may be a nasty metallic taste in the mouth.

The controversy being that this particular filling contains a mixture of metals, none being safe, but especially mercury (50%), which is not only biologically incompatible, but also a well known toxic heavy metal, more poisonous than lead, cadmium and arsenic, highly reactive, scientifically proven unstable, and which slowly bleeds out of the filling, finding a home inside the human system, mainly concentrating in the liver, kidneys, brain and endocrine glands.

This chronic low dose exposure and slow accumulation of toxic matter, eventually placing a constant stress on the immune system, polluting the blood stream, creating a state of toxicity, thus producing the morbid soil for disease.


In general, dentists are trained to use amalgam fillings, but unfortunately all the information they absorb concerning safety is basic propaganda issued by the dental industry through their respective dental associations, whose main concern on this particular issue, is seemingly their own misguided beliefs in sustaining traditional values, values which continue to endanger the care and concern of the actual dental patient. The fact that many people end up feeling very ill because of amalgam, or through these fillings triggering all kinds of symptoms and conditions, is apparently of little value to the dental authorities, who are well aware that this material contaminates and poisons living human systems, but regardless of this, they close their eyes and continue on in the same old pattern, denying the realities whilst blindly believing in the amalgam myth, totally oblivious to evidence running to the contrary, whilst refusing to address the concerns of the many damaged patients in existence, who are obviously a small percentage of the many people who have amalgam in their teeth, who are having, or who are destined to suffer health problems sometime in the future.

They also continue to ignore the mass of scientific data now available throughout the world, as well as an endless stream of warnings from research dentists, doctors and scientists whose grave concerns over this issue have been well documented, whilst continually stating that amalgam fillings are constantly being looked at, but as yet they say, there is no medical or scientific proven causal link to disease, which is a defensive stance far more fitting to the magical thinking of Alice in Wonderland, especially when compared to the reality of dental patients continually suffering from amalgam related disease, whilst the dental authorities play around with the vagaries of scientific data and a never ending diatribe of self opinionated misinformation, which in any sense is hardly setting a high standard of medical care, and which in reality is putting ideas, theories and opinions before the fundamental issue of human health.


Through the insidious nature of the onset, mercury toxicity can be a very difficult diagnosis to make as symptoms come in many forms depending on the personal characteristics of the individual, so unless one has a degree of education and experience in this matter, the reason for this illness may very well be completely missed, and as usually the case in modern day medicine, the management of symptoms are treated, with a lack of consideration to any underlying cause.

The sinister feature being that mercury is a very slow poison, that victims simply feel bad but as is often the case, they simply “don’t know what is wrong”, or initial symptoms may be very mild, simply being accepted as normal, as merely a part of the human condition, and even more so when the system is weak and vulnerable, especially in the aged when symptoms may very well be seen as a natural consequence of the ageing process and so inevitable, and so once again going unrecognised and unrecorded.

Another reason being, apart from in particular homoeopathic medicine, medical practitioners in general, allopathic, as well as complimentary, seemingly have little knowledge of micromercurialism, and so once again, symptoms are treated, but any form of meaningful diagnosis is completely missed, although one has to hope that through the mass of data now readily available, and through the consciousness of mankind, that this situation will and hopefully is improving.

In fact one can imagine how much of a mockery amalgam fillings can be in actually treating a patient, and this really must throw any form of medicine completely off centre, making the treatment of symptoms into something meaningless and almost farcical.


Its unfortunate that diagnosis of mercury toxicity is not very common, as apparently, the medical profession in general rarely make such a diagnosis, and in many instances do not take this issue very seriously.

There are a few reasons for this, one being that most physicians are obviously unfamiliar with this condition, and so unaware of the true extent of the effects, another reason being that it may very well be professionally unethical for doctors to make such a diagnosis, as this would certainly cause the dental industry a great deal of bad feeling through doctors admitting that mercury, bleeding from a common-or-garden dental filling and accumulating in human tissues, glands, organs, the spinal chord and the brain, can, given enough time, cause a variety of pathological conditions.

This certainly would not be good for business, and would also draw attention to, and also question the sense and morality of using such a dangerous material in the good name of dental health, and so modern day medicine has to be very careful not to cause any bad publicity for their professional colleagues.

This is perhaps one of the reasons why the medical profession are so far behind or perhaps sometimes reticent in diagnosing and treating symptoms concerning toxicology.

However, when red tape such as this comes before the care and treatment of the actual patient, this is certainly an absolute disgrace – the question being, what comes first, human centred morality, or a ruthless professional morality, the fact being that choosing the latter may very well make life far more safe and comfortable, causing no threat to ones livelihood, social standing and public image.


It’s just a pity that the only thing that dental associations thrive on is the basic ignorance and gullibility of the average dental patient, who are either too young to realise, misinformed, unaware of the danger, who may be unconcerned with health issues, or who may very well be naive enough in placing their trust in the actual dentist, which in reality may resemble a form of blind unthinking religious faith, assuming that he or she has been sufficiently educated and is intelligent and careful enough not to use any harmful material, and its this kind of environment that is the ideal breeding ground for a never ending supply of dental victims.

Unfortunately dentists who use amalgam, although well intentioned, and obviously through commercial pressure, have merely been educated and heavily conditioned to the point of being forced to do so, and even whilst so much information is now available concerning the dangers, they generally have a tendency to ignore it all, preferring to believe as in a religious sense that these fillings are completely harmless, a system of belief based on false theories, but nevertheless deeply ingrained, one reason being this latest information runs contrary to what they have already been taught, regardless of this being right or wrong, and also, this issue may be somewhat disturbing, something that even they are unable or unwilling to accept or even face, and of course the effects this may have on business, being as the cheap and nasty amalgam are their bread and butter, the white or composite fillings being more expensive and also more time consuming to use, not forgetting that the dental authorities really do not appreciate dentists feeling some concern about the ill effects of silver fillings, this issue being a very sore subject indeed.

Its hardly surprising that concerned dentists may very well be extremely reticent in venting their fears of using such a potentially dangerous material, as this would be regarded by their respected dental associations as a desecration of something sacred, as unethical and even immoral, and so forbidden, regardless of any illness or symptoms that can be triggered by a mass of toxic heavy metal, regardless of this being a threat to themselves and also to the health of their beloved patients.

One doctor who has treated hundreds of patients and dentists for mercury hypersensitivity and toxicity for the last ten years has stated that “This is a huge wide problem which is still not at all well accepted by the dental and medical worlds. As a specialist in Clinical Ecology (Environmental Medicine) and as one who has spent much time in Drug Metabolism and Toxicology at the London University, i believe that the dental use of amalgam has produced the worst human toxicology problem from professionally recommended treatment yet seen”, which as you may well appreciate hardly compliments the official “harmless” stance coming from the dental industry.


At the end of the day, regardless of what anyone may say, the fact remains that mercury is continuously seeping from these fillings and slowly accumulating in the body, and given enough time, potentially causing a great deal of harm.

This harm being considered as anecdotal by the dental authorities, and so of little value, but the fact remains that there are many dental patients, who through personal experience know very well that they have suffered a degeneration in health through a wide spectrum of symptoms coming under the general heading of “autoimmune disease”, such as stress, allergies, migraine headaches, nervousness, extreme fatigue, arthritis, memory problems, menstrual and pregnancy problems, miscarriage, Multiple Sclerosis, epilepsy, leukaemia, as well as a wide range of emotional and psychological problems, and who are pure and simply living examples of the inherent dangers, and who obviously feel outraged and find it incomprehensible why dental authorities still continue to bury their heads in the sand in an overpowering fog of complacency and medical ignorance.

This without a doubt places so much shame and disgrace not only on dental practitioners, but also on the image of the dental industry, who through a mixture of pressure, apathy, contentment, fear, a conspiracy of silence, irrational thought, carelessness, as well as a complete lack of common sense, are unfortunately unwilling to address this issue in a responsible manner.


I personally feel that amalgam are horrid fillings to have implanted in the human system, and any toxic load such as this is quite simply a recipe for disease, and i would certainly never use or place my trust in any dentist who still continued using this material. Anyone concerned with health issues would certainly never want such a material placed in their own and also their children’s mouth, as the fact is that given enough time, anytime when the immune system is compromised, especially in times of weakness or severe stress, and depending on the number of fillings in place, as well as taking into account genetic susceptibility, sickness is potentially inevitable.

The use of amalgam is not only dangerous, but also completely outdated, and whilst the dental associations continue to sweep everything under the carpet, unwilling to make any kind of positive statement, dentists, their staff and their patients will continue to fall victim to this insidious disease.

If you want to believe in the comfortable illusion of the dental authorities in their basic assumption and belief that mercury fillings are safe and harmless, and that they have complete confidence in this material, then this is your right, but please take into account that these conclusions happen to contradict the cutting edge of scientific and medical research, and also remember that amalgam is so toxic that your dentist will use a no-touch technique when handling this material, and when removed from your teeth, your dentist is required to store it under a fixative for protection until discarded in a toxic waste dump.


One prominent American doctor has even pronounced that in his opinion, the placement of silver fillings in peoples mouths is “a crime against humanity”.

There is little doubt that mercury is extremely toxic, having the potential to cause serious damage, especially when absorbed by the central nervous system, with the consequent destruction of human brain substance, there is no safe threshold for mercury exposure, and the evidence is here, and if it isnt reasonably safe, then as consumers we have to protect ourselves from this very serious medical problem, and anyone who has the misfortune in possessing a mouthful of mercury, without wishing to sound too dramatic, is in reality an accident waiting to happen.

When deciding to have this metallic junk replaced, do be very careful as removal of amalgam certainly carries its own dangers and is not simply a case of basic everyday dentistry. First of all, educate yourself with a little research, then find yourself a mercury-free dentist who is concerned about this issue, who has been well informed and who will hopefully have an insight into the real meaning of dental health, and who also has experience of the correct protocol, followed through with a supplementation programme of detoxification.

One danger of replacement can be any symptoms you might be experiencing may very well worsen, and your general health may also deteriorate for a short period of time afterwards. Anyone suffering badly because of silver fillings through a weakened immune system and a high degree of sensitivity may very well be far more susceptible, but with a caring and well trained dentist, any discomfort will hopefully be kept to a minimum.

Exacerbation of symptoms occurs because of the high rise in mercury vapour produced by the high temperatures involved in drilling out the fillings, and also when a source of toxicity is removed, there will also be a molecular reaction which can certainly be distressing to the system.

People who are very sick may not recover from these effects for three or four months or more, but whatever the case, replacement and a mercury-free internal environment is absolutely essential, and in itself is a prerequisite not only to dental health, but also to feeling safer and better within, thus promoting a positive dental outlook, which will certainly help in achieving an overall state of health consciousness.


The main reason behind the many dental victim support groups now forming is the networking and sharing of information, in bringing this issue to the attention of the public, who no longer accept the non-dangerousness of mercury fillings, demanding the right of informed consent, and also to have dental amalgam discontinued before any more people suffer ill health, just like they are doing in Sweden, Austria and Germany, with the message that there is something out there that you don’t have to have, and there certainly is a potential for better health. Meanwhile, the dogma of modern day dentistry requires that amalgam fillings continue on, the dogma being far more important than the truth, but whilst the dental institution continue flaunting their ignorance whilst stagnating in a serene world of misinformation, with little desire to advance their education or engage in critical thought, as well as losing touch with the fundaments of medical science, they will continue to attract a great deal of criticism, distrust and general disrespect, not only from concerned patients, but also from within its own industry, and which has been quite simply self inflicted. Unfortunately, not all is healthy in the kingdom of dentistry, and finding themselves backed into a position where their basic belief system is questioned, in self defence, they have either innocently or deliberately, reverted to deceiving themselves, their members and also their patients. Believe not in dental amalgam!

For details of mercury-free dentists, write to: The British Homoeopathic Dental Association or The International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology.


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