Aromatherapy for the Urinary Tract

Aromatherapy for the Urinary Tract


Kathi Keville, Mindy Green (Excerpted from Aromatherapy: A Complete Guide to the Healing Art, Crossing Press, 1995)

The urinary system, consisting of the kidneys and bladder, regulates the body’s water content and salt balance, and eliminates waste. The kidney determines what will be eliminated and what will be recycled. It is also involved in regulating blood pressure.

Antiseptic diuretics to treat bladder infections include cedarwood, tea tree, bergamot and fennel. Unlike some urinary herbs used to treat infection, such as uva ursi, these essential oils work well in both an acid and an alkaline environment. This means that they can be used in conjunction with cranberries, which acidify the urine. Use these oils preventively in a regular bath or a sitz bath.

Bladder Infection Relief
6 drops tea tree
2 drops thyme linalol
2 drops juniper
2 drops clove
2 drops oregano

1 ounce carrier oil (calendula is one of the best choices)

Mix the oils. Use as a massage oil over the bladder area twice per day. However, get professional help if there is a chance that you have a kidney infection.

Herbal Adjuncts-Use essential oils as part of a more comprehensive healing program that includes herbs and diet. The use of soothing herbal teas is a welcome adjunct to any treatment. Examples are plantain, marshmallow root and corn silk (yes, the hairy stuff under the husk; eat it fresh-it tastes just like corn-or make it into tea).

” Kidney stones” are mineral deposits most often composed of crystallized calcium and uric acid (or the amino acid cystine). Diet seems to be the primary cause, but excess weight, an inherited tendency and previous kidney infections are all potential contributing factors. Studies in Paraguay, where rosemary is an important folk medicine, found that this herb inhibits 95 percent of urease (found in alkaline and infected urine), and probably the formation of some urinary stones. Lemon and grapefruit help reduce the size of kidney stones and help prevent infection.

To treat a bladder infection, use uva ursi, yarrow, and goldenrod flowers. A good urinary tract tonic is a tincture or tea of dandelion, nettle leaf, fresh oats and rose hips. Hydrangea root, stone root, wild yam, cramp bark, corn silk and plantain leaf help eliminate kidney stones, but this condition may require professional help.

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