Chickenpox Vaccine Works Less Than Half the Time…

Chickenpox Vaccine Works Less Than Half the Time&#...


by Dr Mendelsohn MD (The People’s Doctor Newsletter 1976-1988)

New study findings indicate that, at least among one group of children, the varicella vaccine is much less effective than previously reported.

Dr. Jane Seward, from the us Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta, and colleagues reported on their investigation of a recent outbreak of chickenpox at a New Hampshire day care center.

The outbreak in 23 children began with a child who had been vaccinated, contradicting the belief that such “breakthrough” cases are not contagious, Dr. Seward noted. The child, a 4-year-old, was confirmed not to have developed chickenpox infection from the vaccine, but probably developed it after exposure to a sibling with shingles.

Previous findings indicate that the vaccine’s effectiveness ranges from 71% to 91%. In the current study, however, the effectiveness that was only about 40%.

41st Annual Interscience Conference on Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy Chicago December 16, 2001


Folks the evidence is quite clear. There is absolutely no reason to expose your children to the risk of chickenpox vaccine.


First of all, and perhaps most importantly, it doesn’t work. Don’t believe me? Read the Washington Post article from one year ago. Please keep in mind that the Washington Post is one of the top newspapers in the country with no axe to grind.

They reported that in a chicken pox outbreak 75% of those who came down with chickenpox were vaccinated.

Please read my comment in that article which reviews the other major reasons why giving your child the chickenpox vaccine does not make any sense.

Second of all most children are already immune to chickenpox.

The Post also ran an article four months ago describing how Merck (the vaccine’s producer) was running TV commercials using fear and guilt to motivate parents to get the vaccine.

They would have you believe that if your child gets chickenpox they will die. Nothing could be further from the truth.

My article last year on this subject clearly shows that it is not the chickenpox infection that causes deaths. It is the doctor’s attempts to control the fever with drugs like Tylenol that cause the problem. Even the CDC admits that children don’t die from chicken pox per se, but rather “complications” from chicken pox. All these complications are derived from acute blood toxemia established by the very treatments used by drug using physicians.

Let’s review the stats.

Chicken pox is not a fatal disease, but rather a very common, benign inflammatory condition.

In the U.S. there are approximately 100 deaths (about half of these in children) and 10,000 hospitalizations each year for complications from chicken pox.

Nearly all of these deaths were a result of over aggressive medical care. Physicians would treat the children with antibiotics, analgesics, or steroidal medications as their condition grew progressively worse.

Physicians respond to each new symptom with yet another drug, until the children die.

Of course there is no way to know if the 100 children who die from chicken pox every year would survive if they were not treated with such aggressive medical interventions.

The study will also never be done, as no institutional review board would ever approve it. But I believe it is highly likely that if these children are provided with natural therapies, rather than immune suppressing ones, their bodies would easily recover and they would actually have a stronger immune system.

But even more foundationally, one needs to examine why these children even became sick in the first place. In the vast majority of the cases, it is because they are being fed foods that are devastating their immune system.

One cannot drink soda, fruit juice, milk, processed foods, and regular amounts of grains and sugar without severely impairing one’s immune system and increasing one’s risk of acquiring all sorts of infections.

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