Differences Between Oxy-Powder® and Other Cleansers

Differences Between Oxy-Powder® and Other Clean...

Differences Between Oxy-Powder® and Other Cleansers

Dr. Loretta Lanphier


Oxygen-based cleansers
in general, and Oxy-Powder® in particular, are vastly superior to all other
types of digestive system cleansers. Most cleansers only work on a part
of the digestive tract, such as the colon for example, rather than the
entire intestinal tract–small intestine, large intestine, and the colon.

Methods such as colonic
irrigation and enemas are strictly colon cleansers. They may have a
limited amount of success at washing and rinsing a certain amount of
debris from the lining of the colon, but they have little or no affect
on the rest of the digestive system. Even the action they take in the
colon cannot compare to the liquefying action of Oxy-Powder®. They
have potential risks as well. Anytime a foreign object is inserted into
the rectum, internal damage is always a possibility.

Herbal supplements and
laxatives run the gamut from mild, slow acting substances, to harsh
aggressive agents that can be very hard on your digestive system. One
of the concerns with these options is that they just tend to do a quick
job of softening material that is currently in the bowel, and do little
to address the problem of impacted fecal matter and other toxins that
have embedded themselves into the walls of the intestines. It might
be compared to using a band-aid when surgery is needed. Another problem
with many laxatives is that the body gets used to their effects, and
folks literally get addicted to them and have trouble moving their bowels
without them.

In addition to cleansing
the entire digestive tract, Oxy-Powder® has other clear advantages over competing
cleansing products. The degree to which Oxy-Powder® addresses the total cleansing
of the intestinal walls is a vastly superior feature. But the presence
of nascent oxygen has other benefits as well. In the course of changing
the atmosphere of the digestive tract to attract friendly bacteria, Oxy-Powder® has a wonderful effect on the immune system as well. Oxy-Powder® increases
the levels of microorganisms called Oxygen Reactive Species (ORS) that
act to stimulate the production of white blood cells and T-cells to
strengthen the effectiveness of the immune system.

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