Honoring Antoine Bechamp: The Gentle Giant Of Science & Medicine

Honoring Antoine Bechamp: The Gentle Giant Of Scie...

Honoring Antoine Bechamp: The Gentle Giant Of Science & Medicine

Crusador Interviews Christopher Barr, Health/Nutrition Historian

On April 15, 1908 one of the greatest scientists who ever lived passed away at the ripe age of 91. You may be thinking to yourself, "Who cares" or "Why is this important." It matters because he was the foremost pioneer of science, medicine, nutrition and genetics all at once and his discoveries could have saved humanity a whole lot of misery and suffering. This incredibly brilliant scientist proved through his research dating as far back as 150 years ago what the root cause of disease was, and how it could be reversed or avoided altogether using safe, natural methods. This was long before synthetic drugs, chemotherapy, radiation, surgical removal of body parts and vaccines were the medicine of choice.

Béchamp’s research revealed that the inner condition of a person’s cellular terrain determined whether disease would manifest or spread in the body. He proved through rigorous scientific method that disease was not due to germs attacking the body from the outside as Louis Pasteur later convinced the world. What you eat, breathe, drink, and bathe in are the primary factors that determine your body’s inner condition.

Instead of incorporating Béchamp’s discoveries to bring about a health revolution in the world and save countless lives, greedy, power hungry industrialists decided to ostracize his work and put their dollars behind Louis Pasteur’s "Germ Theory of Disease" because it was a way for them to build a colossal pharmaceutical/medical empire for profit. No pharmaceutical company in the world today cares one iota about curing disease. They want to control disease and focus on symptom suppression so they can make huge profits by getting you to become a lifelong user until you die from their poison. That’s why they go to war against disease with all their "anti" this and "anti" that medications instead of addressing the inner condition of a patient and re-establishing homeostasis in the body. Every company in the nutritional supplement industry that promotes pH health owes a debt of gratitude to Béchamp as he was the real pioneer of this biology.

Since this year marks the 100th anniversary of Béchamp’s passing and our world is facing a health crisis of epic proportions, we decided to pay tribute to the man who had the real answers to the problems. Antoine Béchamp is worthy of his place in history that he has been denied. As a health and nutrition historian, Christopher Barr credits almost all of his health knowledge to what he learned from researching Antoine Béchamp. Barr has blessed many of our readers with his priceless health treasures and his tribute to Béchamp in this interview will go a long way in helping to overturn a century of lies.

Crusador: Well, Chris, here we are again, but this time to cover something at your request – or rather someone, the scientist Antoine Béchamp and his foundational research on health and life.

Indeed, and it was a pleasant surprise to learn how much you already knew about this greatest of giants in the history of modern science who yet remains unknown to the vast majority of all who claim to know about life, health and healing sciences.

Pierre Jacques Antoine Béchamp was – and is – the foundational cornerstone to all my life’s work. The full truth of life and living revealed by this man’s personal research studies through six decades are nothing short of phenomenal – yet he and his work are almost unknown today. It is Béchamp who is the key reason that I almost routinely see what others call ‘miracles’.

There is not now nor ever has been any one man so well credentialed in the written annals of scientific history. He was degreed in biology, chemistry, physics, pharmacy, and medicine, as well as a practitioner in each of these disciplines. He also was a university professor for all of these subjects. The accomplishments of Béchamp are unparalleled and he quite simply has no equal.

Upon his death it took eight full 8-1/2"x11" pages of the French Moniteur Scientifique to list just the titles of his professionally published studies. That magazine was the equivalent publication to that of our National Academy of Sciences.

The Moniteur Scientifique noted upon the death of Antoine Béchamp, "Those of his acquaintance who cared for him and were about him know that he never doubted that one day justice would be rendered him."

The English international science journals Lancet and Nature were each prestigious journals then as now. Nature in its obituary noted that Dr. Béchamp was ensured "an honorable place among the founders of biological chemistry."

All the obituaries together sounded forth that when the fullness of the work of Béchamp finally came to light that mankind would be greatly benefited. Yet, he and his work remain unknown to all but a very, very small number after too, too many years. I asked to cover this now because it has been so very long and next month is a noteworthy time.

Crusador: Antoine Béchamp is worthy as few, if any, ever have been and it is my privilege and honor to offer you a forum to honor him.

Well, Greg, next month on the 15th is a taxing day on which many feel a great sense of loss. I feel a great sense of loss on that day every year also. You see, before the 16th amendment, income taxes, or the IRS, on that date the great and noble scientist Antoine Béchamp went to his reward exactly 100 years ago. That gentle giant of science and medicine established the keys to healthful living. It is humanity’s greater loss that he is little known and his work almost completely unknown to this day.

Dr. Antoine Béchamp noted the importance of lifestyles as the key to prevention and success against all diseases 150 years ago! He backed this up with thorough and rigid scientific precision.

The sound conclusions of Béchamp for lifestyle changes such as wholesome nutrition and environmental, hygienic cleanliness were displaced in favor of other "solutions" that profited industry and required "heroic" medical interventions.

The whitewashing of Antoine Béchamp from history was so thorough as to assign credit for his works to others such as Louis Pasteur.

Crusador: In my opinion, Louis Pasteur constitutes one of the darkest chapters not just in science and medical history, but in the entire history of mankind.

Indeed, Greg, Pasteur was a scoundrel of scoundrels and charlatan of charlatans.

Louis Pasteur crossed the path of Antoine Béchamp very early and later crossed him and humanity itself.

Pasteur recognized the genius of Béchamp and watched very closely his work. The great lust of Pasteur was always for fame and fortune. Truth or virtue was foreign to him.

Remember, Greg, those days were long before Internet or even any timely, mass communication. Béchamp was a country boy far away on the outskirts of the Franco-German border town of Strasbourg. He submitted his detailed researches to Paris at the center of France expecting that truth would stand on its own merit.

The scoundrel Pasteur watched closely and as soon as Béchamp made a submission Pasteur resubmitted another in a different form with reworked conclusions, and then claiming grand discovery aggressively lobbying individual members and the media of his day. He would mimic the work as best he could which was not all that good. You see, Greg, Pasteur was not all that bright – at least when it came to life studies and life processes. His degree was in physics and it was written upon it "Moderate in Chemistry".

Pasteur’s rewrites of the works of Béchamp were inside-out, upside-down, twisted understandings of genius. This is the foundation of today’s modern mediSin. There is enough truth there for some accomplishment but enough error that modern mediSin just cannot figure out the whole picture.

Pasteur smooth-talked academia, the newspapers, society darlings and even the Emperor himself as the CONsummate CON man. Nobody bothered to check his work, either. You see, as much as he lacked in scholarship he excelled in salesmanship. He subsequently was lifted up as the national hero of France – and still is today.

Sometimes Pasteur wrote about experiments that were never even performed. We know this to be so for two reasons. First, if you duplicate some of his experiments they don’t work. The second reason we know is Pasteur recorded that he faked research and stole research of others.

Crusador: Pasteur kept records of his fraud?

Yes, Greg, President Nixon and his self-incriminating tapes had nothing on Louis Pasteur. Before his death Pasteur had left strict instructions that his personal writings were never to leave the family. Well, in the 1970s, there was no living relative left who had actually had personal contact with Louis Pasteur and his large volume of papers were frankly in their way. Also, France has one of the highest tax rates in the world and the family donated these items for the "tax deduction".

It was discovered in those writings how horrible a man Louis Pasteur was by his own admission of his thefts, faked researches, animal and child abuses as well as human experimentation.

A book on Pasteur by a Princeton University professor detailed at length many (but not all) of the improprieties of Louis Pasteur taken from his own admissions in his own papers. However, the author was careful not to challenge his conclusions. He only brought to light the darkness of Pasteur’s methods and even his person. Pasteur was exposed for the scoundrel of a person that he was but left as a hero of science and of medicine. The book was highly awarded within the scholastic community.

Asked about Antoine Béchamp the author did acknowledge him as an interesting fellow. A follow-up inquiry as to why the author did not write about this unknown hero of science and of medicine was answered, "He is not a historically significant character".

In other words, the author was not about to stir things up at the very foundation of modern mediSin.

Indeed, the whitewashing of Antoine Béchamp from history has been very thorough.

Establishment of how fermentation occurs was first established by Béchamp as dated records attest, though history records that Pasteur was the first to do so – even though Pasteur’s writings on the subject were tortured and confused for some years thereafter.

Béchamp was the first to scientifically disprove Spontaneous Generation which had purported such things as that the origin of flies was feces and that rats were formed from garbage heaps. Yet history records Pasteur as the first to do so though again Pasteur’s writings on the subject were tortured and confused for some years thereafter.

Many years later Pasteur even claimed at an international medical congress in London, England that Béchamp still believed Spontaneous Generation, and that any truth found in the works of Béchamp was plagiarized from Pasteur. Unbeknownst to Pasteur the grand old master Béchamp was in the audience and stood to challenge the alleged master Pasteur noting that he had documentation that proved Pasteur to be the plagiarizer. Pasteur turned and walked off the platform without a sound. He would have been exposed and revealed for the fool and fraud that he was if he had done anything else.

Béchamp also solved an epidemic problem of diseased silkworms. Pasteur is credited with this as well even though his "solution" didn’t work!

Then long after the death of Pasteur and in the same year that Béchamp died a Nobel Prize was awarded to the German E. Buchner for his alleged discovery of the fermentation factor in yeast and identification of it as an enzyme in 1897. Yet this was a duplication of work that Béchamp had done more than half a century before. Buchner even used the same terminology that Béchamp had suggested for it so many decades before Buchner’s "discovery".

Antoine Béchamp was the foremost pioneer of science, medicine, nutrition and genetics all at once. The lack of recognition for this is a literary loss to history, and has resulted in tremendous physical suffering in – and loss to – humanity for generations.

Béchamp noted the importance of taking care of one’s self for prevention of disease. He was a champion of self-responsibility. He noted that germs abounded in unhealthy environments but were notably checked in a healthful one. He also noted and proved with exacting detail the reason.

Bacterial infestation is a sign of disease and not the cause of disease.

Pasteur provided the "evil spirits" of the shamans that cursed mankind with a body by his pronouncement of "germs" lurking about waiting to pounce upon the unsuspecting who were helpless to do anything about it.

It is way past time that people return to being responsible for their own health and the welfare of their own bodies rather than abdicating such responsibilities to MD(eitie)s.

Crusador: We have a book covering much of this in great detail called, ‘The Battle for Health is over pH’.

Yes, Greg, I was delighted to see an extensive section on Béchamp and his work from that book! It is so hard to find information on Béchamp and his work. Your readers should order ‘The Battle for Health is over pH’. It is the next best thing to visiting my personal library with all its Béchamp information – and so much easier to do and to read. Your book is very, very reasonably priced.

By the way, in that book you make a comparison of Béchamp with the great inventor Nikola Tesla. You may know that it was the fortune of Andrew Carnegie in the early 1900s that fought hard against and buried Tesla’s energy work that was more economical and of greater accessibility to the masses.

The same Andrew Carnegie in partnership with John D. Rockefeller financed the Flexner report that established hospital/drug based medicine as the standard while simultaneously shutting out all other options. I’ll come back to this and the tremendous significance of this fact a little bit later.

Crusador: It’s quite sad, Chris, that Béchamp had the solutions to the current health care crisis and Tesla had the solutions to the energy crisis plaguing the planet and their discoveries are largely unknown today. Roughly 100 years later our world is thoroughly enslaved to the pharmaceutical and oil industry. How did Rockefeller go from oil to pharmaceuticals?

Back in those days the automotive industry was just getting going and there was not such a market for Rockefeller’s "black gold" oil stakes as there is now. However, drugs were made from oil by-products (as well as from coal tar by-products from Rockefeller’s coal monopoly) then as now, so it was a matter of developing markets for product commodities more than a matter of health – still is today, too. In later years synthetic vitamins were – and still are – made from oil and coal tar derivatives as well. Most people do not know that it is the pharmaceutical industry that significantly controls the vitamin market.

Crusador: In my opinion, Chris, debunking Pasteur’s "Germ Theory" ranks second in importance even though it has caused millions of people to lose their lives prematurely. The most important theory to debunk is the fraudulent theory of evolution because those who believe it will lose their soul for eternity. If you put these two erroneous theories together, they are responsible for killing more people and eternally damning more people than anything else in the history of the world. It’s pathetic that both of these theories are viewed as undisputed fact among the medical and scientific community at large.

It may surprise you to find out that Darwinian evolution was yet another reason that Béchamp was whitewashed from the history books.

You see, Béchamp was practically the lone scientific voice to speak out against the wildly popular Darwinian evolution. He did so against the pleadings of colleagues and supporters who warned him that it was too popular as they urged Béchamp to just focus on his own work.

Béchamp would not be quieted on the matter though because he noted that Darwinian evolution was an affront to both science and to The Almighty!

Yes, Greg, Béchamp was a believer who wrote often and openly of The Almighty. He sacrificed – and had his prestige sacrificed – much due to his faith.

Béchamp left a position of prestige at the invitation of the new Catholic University of Lille. He was asked to establish the full science program there. He was in fact a devout Catholic which was the predominant faith of 19th century France, and felt honored and duty bound to take the position.

In the end his beloved mother Church turned on him. His own writings of scientific truth against the accepted dogmas of the fraudulent Pasteur were subsequently placed on ‘The Index’ by the Roman Catholic faith. This was the list of books banned from being read that was the foundation of the inquisition of earlier centuries. Although full force of the inquisition had ceased centuries before this, ‘The Index’ continued to be kept up.

It was yet another tragic irony that a man of great Christian faith was despised by the official keepers of his own faith while a wicked and evil fraud such as Pasteur was lifted up very high.

It was in the 1970s that I first came to knowledge of Béchamp. I was a new father and reading up on vaccination from award-winning investigative journalist Ida Honorof and researcher Eleanor McBean in their book, ‘VACCINATION: The Silent Killer – a clear and present danger’. There was a section not much more than a few lines about Béchamp and Pasteur. Then I read the words, "For more details of Béchamp’s marvelous work, read ‘Béchamp or Pasteur’ by E. Douglas Hume, a British publication".

Greg, The Spirit within me leapt with an urgency unlike any I had ever felt. I had to get that book. It had to be The Spirit because though I was an ace student and had graduated a year and a half early, the only subject that never held any interest for me was science. It took quite some work to get that book then more than half a century old. That changed my whole life’s direction with science and health becoming my passion – and my life’s endeavor. My collection of books by and about Béchamp is greater than any of the small number of people who know his works that I have met through the years.

My life had been one raised strong in The Scriptures but also with a strong medical emphasis. I escaped the medical plantation and have never looked back raising 8 children without doctor bills from the foundational truths set by Béchamp and 100 per cent whole food nutrition. I have been privileged to help countless others with this knowledge including teaching doctors – and that includes medical doctors as well who are always astounded by the works of Béchamp.

You know, Greg, the drug companies call themselves ‘pharmaceutical’. That is from a Greek word translated ‘sorceror’, ‘sorceries’, and ‘witchcraft’. There is no positive application for that Greek word in The Scriptures. It is always something that is warned against – with the strongest possible warnings.

Then there is this little noticed but powerful New Testament Scripture as recorded in the King James Version.

"O Timothy, keep that which is committed to thy trust, avoiding profane and vain babblings, and oppositions of science falsely so called: Which some professing have erred concerning the faith. Grace be with thee. Amen." (I Timothy 6:20-21)

It's right there in Scripture seen by multitudes though noticed by almost none. It is as much – perhaps more – for this day as for the day in which it was written.

This is the last and strongest admonition of a lengthy series of admonitions given by Rav Shaul (Apostle Paul) in this "pastoral epistle" to his "son in the faith" young Pastor Timothy — literally instructions to pastors (though barely acceded to or heeded by them).

These last two verses of this most important and powerful epistle follow only a few verses after the statement …

"For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith …"

There is so very much more in Scripture that clearly shows modern mediSin is wicked and evil yet it would not be the dominant factor that it is if not for the overwhelming supportive aid of modern Christianity.

I could go on and on historically about the pharmaceutical/petrochemical industry that hand-picked and placed Hitler into power, and all the profiteering by American medical factions from Nazi human medical experimentation. Truth be known it is not that much different in this day and age – only sneakier and quieter though it should be most disquieting.

Then two years ago while in Scriptural study and prayerful meditation for a morning worship service without any thoughts about health or science I heard clearly in my head the words, "Béchamp" then "Flexner Report" and then "1908". My immediate thought was, "That’s wrong." Though Béchamp died in 1908 it is a well established matter of history I know very well that the Flexner Report was released in 1910. However, I then just as quickly thought on The Scripture, "My sheep know My voice".

Lo and behold I discovered something I had never heard nor read. The Flexner Report was commissioned in the fall of 1908. The Almighty had clearly spoken to me.

Béchamp had died in the spring of 1908. The Flexner report that soon thereafter would lead to establishment of hospital/drug based mediSin as dominant in the world had been commissioned in the fall of that same 1908.

It was startling but clear to me that rejection of the truth from Béchamp about science, health and against Darwinian evolution resulted in modern mediSin being established as a curse from The Almighty against arrogant and rebellious modern mankind.

It is as Apostle Paul wrote to those at Thessalonika regarding ones who "received not the love of the truth" that "for this cause The Almighty shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie: That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness."

The work of Béchamp has been verified many times in the last 100 years.

Dr. E. C. Rosenow of the Mayo Clinic published papers in mainstream science/medical journals that confirmed this work in the 1920s.

Royal Raymond Rife with his powerful Universal microscope confirmed the work of Béchamp through many decades.

There is so much more detail that there is not time or space to cover as to the depths of the discoveries of Béchamp and their applications in this day.

I have said for decades that if the world’s top scientists got together just to verify the works of Béchamp that are tediously recorded in great detail that in about 10 years some 90 per cent or more of the hospitals would cease to be needed.

It is way past time that justice was served with history and humanity recognizing the most honorable, timeless work of Dr. Antoine Béchamp, scientist extraordinaire and Scriptural believer of great faith.

Crusador: Thank you so much for sharing this enlightening information, Chris. I know it has Heaven’s favor upon it. Many of our readers may find it interesting that the very last page of my book, "The Battle For Health Is Over pH" says this: "Thank you Antoine Béchamp, your memory, hard work, and scientific discoveries have not been forgotten!" I am honored that you have helped carry on this man’s great legacy.

Thank you, Greg. It was my pleasure!


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