How To Stop Wyeth From Controlling Your Access to Natural Hormone Therapy

How To Stop Wyeth From Controlling Your Access to ...

How To Stop Wyeth From Controlling Your Access to Natural Hormone Therapy

Virginia Hopkins

Wyeth is at it again, using the FDA to attack pharmacies that offer natural hormones!  P2C2, an action group for compounding pharmacies, has provided an easy-to-use online petition: Oppose Wyeth & FDA Actions to Limit BHRT Access!. It is of utmost importance that we take the time to visit this site and make our opinion count.

We are not excited about the actual copy on their petition, so if you have your own point of view about this issue or, even better, a personal testimony, please express it. If you have a political bent, express your opinion politically. Let your elected representative know that this issue really matters to you and that you are watching how seriously our government acts toward our freedom of choice in healthcare.

Wyeth Definitely Needs To Know We Are Serious

What will it take to get Wyeth to back off? While it’s very important to let your elected representatives know your opinion, the amount of money this mega-corporation hands out to politicians probably outranks citizen protest. Again, it’s all about money and NOT about your health or mine. Because didn’t we just do this last spring? And now they are back at it again.  Most likely they “think” we are not serious.

What corporations care about most are profits and stock prices.  And the most effective way is to hit them where they will pay the most attention. What about a boycott of Wyeth products? They have close to 80 products, and possibly you or family members are using at least one. Let’s examine their list of Wyeth Products (, and then the next time we’re shopping for a pain reliever (e.g. Advil) or a cold medicine (e.g. Robitussin), or anything else pharmaceutical, choose another brand or better yet, choose something that is natural. They also make a lot of pet medication products and again you may want to do research about natural pet health care in order to make healthy choices for your pets.

Now we have a quite a few readers, but it’s not even a drop in the bucket compared to the millions of products Wyeth sells every month. And while this “seems” like a huge mountain, it can be moved!  What if you forward this e-mail to at least five friends, and they forward it to five friends and so forth? I believe strongly in the power of grass roots movements, and with the power of e-mail, we just might hit their bottom line enough to cause a lingering “sting” and at least make them go “Ouch!” and take notice. Oh, and be sure to call the Wyeth Investor Relations line—800-322-3129—and let them know that you’re boycotting their products because they’re going after natural hormones. That way they’ll know what hit them.

Please copy and paste this information into an email and send it to your friends, family and colleagues.  We must let them know that we are serious and that we care more about our health freedoms than their corporate profits!

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