Lymph Health – An Herbal Recipe for Breast Cancer and Lymphomas

Lymph Health – An Herbal Recipe for Breast C...

Lymph Health – An Herbal Recipe for Breast Cancer and Lymphomas

Leslee Dru Browning

Everyone needs to cleanse their lymph system of all the wastes that have built up over a lifetime. Cleansing the lymph helps the body to cleanse every organ and system you have. The waste from each cell must be removed or the body will die in its own waste.

The lymph system transports lymphatic fluids but it also works as a filter, removing bacteria, microorganisms, dead cells, and other unwanted substances. In today’s world, our bodies are inundated with an abundance of unwelcome matter and toxins that can block the lymph nodes, decreasing the body's ability to resist disease.

Over time, waste builds up inside the body and starts to clog organs, veins, and lymph which in turn can cause not only cancer but many illnesses such as swollen lymph nodes, skin problems, high cholesterol, sinus congestion, fatigue, and headaches due to a weakened immune system.

When toxic waste builds up in the lymphatic system it impedes the entire body's function. Because the lymph system is the foundation of the immune system, it is vital that its function not be congested by useless wastes that can be naturally flushed out with simple herbs and supplements.

At the end of this article is an herbal recipe for Lymph Clear. The herbs in the formula support one another, and support a solution to clearing the body of environmental causes which have been found in all cancers, but especially Breast Cancer, Lymphatic Cancer and Lymphoma. I have used it as an alternative treatment for many cancers and I have had Naturopaths order this tonic from me to treat their patients for everything from cancers to lymphoedema.

In addition to using Lymph Clear, it is important to change lifestyle, diet and add additional supplements which I recommended here:

Overall Cancer Prevention tips along with additional suggestions for Breast Cancer:

1. Use broccoli and broccoli sprouts. Research has shown broccoli is the best vegetable you can
consume for breast cancer prevention.

2. Omit foods that contain or are grown with hormones like dairy and meats.

3. Supplement with the herb Black Cohosh for breast cancer prevention. This herb has been used for years by herbalists for treating menopause. A new laboratory study now backs its usage and suggests that extracts from Black Cohosh, an herb most commonly used to reduce menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes, may stop breast cancer cells in their tracks. This adds more evidence to a small but growing body of research suggesting that Black Cohosh could have a use in breast cancer prevention.

4. For breast cancer, supplement with DIM (Diindolylmethane), which is intended to reduce your undesirable "BAD" estrogen metabolites.

5. Drink green tea. It has an anti-tumor effect on breast cancer cells. A study by Dr. Maheshwari that was published earlier this year in Cancer Letters showed that green tea is effective in delaying tumor incidence as well as in reducing the tumor burden. Green tea was found to inhibit growth of tumors as well as induce death of breast cancer cells. Epidemiological studies also suggest that the risk of breast cancer is found to be less in Asian countries consuming green tea. These studies have greater clinical significance since the ability of these phytochemicals to activate anti-cancer program of tumor cells might determine the success of chemotherapy.

6. Reduce your processed food, sugar and grain carbohydrate intake.

7. Check for food allergies. Ex: Blueberries are an excellent antioxidant but if you are allergic to them they will do more harm than good. Anyone who is suffering from critical or chronic illness should have a combined IgE and IgG4 allergy test taken. IgE shows what foods cause an instant allergic reaction where IgG4 shows delayed allergy that may take up to 4 days for an allergic reaction. The IgG4 allergies are what I term ‘hidden allergies’.

8. Reduce your exposure to environmental toxins like fertilizers, pesticides, household chemical cleaners, synthetic air fresheners, scented candles, car exhaust, and air pollution. Use Cilantro tincture to remove heavy metals from your body. Or, eat fresh cilantro in salads.

9. Instead of frying your foods bake, boil, or steam them.

10. Normalize your ratio of omega-3 to omega-6 fats by taking a high-quality fish oil and reducing your intake of most processed vegetable oils

11. Supplement with vitamin D. Cod liver oil will provide vitamin D, vitamin A and omega-3.

12. Get regular exercise; even if it's just going for a daily walk. One of the primary reasons exercise works is that it drives your insulin levels down.

13. Get a good night's sleep. Research shows when the immune system is compromised, it takes 9 hours of sleep in the dark to restore your immune system.

14. Limit your exposure to radio waves produced by cell phone towers, base stations, phones, computers and WiFi stations.

15. Cultivate a spiritual life. This can be done with brief meditations, introspections, appreciating nature, taking up a hobby, listening to music, readings. In essence, make room in your day for yourself and something you love.

Browning’s Lymph Clear dried herb ingredients:

Black Walnut (juglans nigra): It has been effective for treating colitis, infections, liver, tuberculosis and tumors. Helps regulate blood sugar levels, burns excess toxins and fatty materials, rids the colon of parasites, and contains magnesium which feeds the muscles and the nerves. It has been shown to have oxygenating abilities which may help burn up excess toxins and fatty materials and cleanse the blood. By oxygenating the blood, it kills parasites.

Bloodroot (sanguinaria canadensis): Lymphatic. Showing results as an antibacterial, anti-edemic, anti-gingivitic, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anti-plaque, antiseptic, expectorant, fungicide, gastrocontractant, respiratory stimulant and more. It is showing great scientific promise in fighting cancers today as it did hundreds of years ago in folklore medicine.

Burdock (arctium lappa): Lymphatic. Helps to eliminate waste in the body, it is an anti-biotic, antiseptic, and antifungal, detoxifying herb.

Chaparral (larrea tridentate): Lymphatic plus it is an antibacterial, antiviral, anti-tumor.

Chelidonium aka Celandine (chelidonium majus): It has been reported to exhibit anti-viral, anti-inflammatory, anti-tumor and anti-microbial properties both in vitro and in vivo. It helps relieve inflammation and chronic disorders of the hepatic and biliary system and inflammation of the respiratory organs.

Cleavers (galium aparine): Is one of the best tonics for the lymphatic system available. It treats swollen glands anywhere in the body and has been useful in the treatment of ulcers and tumors by lymphatic drainage which detoxifies the tissue. It is an alternative, lymphatic, helps remove obstructions, swelling. It is helpful in clearing the urinary tract with basis in the lymphatic drainage, which helps detoxify the kidneys keeping them in good working order.

Dandelion Root (taraxacum officinale): Liver & Pancreas. It acts by straining and filtering toxins & wastes from the bloodstream and its beneficial effects on liver complaints have been well documented by both Asian practitioners and American physicians.

Echinacea Root (echinacea purpurea): Stimulates lymphatic activity and boosts the immune system.

Figwort (scrophularia nodosa): Figwort is among the most useful herbs for the lymphatic system especially for swollen lymph nodes.

Lemon Peel: Alkalizes the body and is excellent for liver and lymph.

Plantain (plantago major): Great for boosting the Immune system, combating infection, counters blood poisoning, removes toxins.

Poke Root (phytolacca americana): Lymphatic. The root has a very favorable influence on the glandular system.

Red Clover (trifolium pretense): Lymphatic. Clinical evidence shows that there is a basis for its long standing tradition in treating cancer.

Red Root (ceanothus americanus): It is an excellent lymphatic remedy. It stimulates lymph and inter-tissue fluid circulation for lymphatic drainage. It is also effective on enlarged lymph nodes and for shrinking non-fibrous cysts.

Sarsaparilla (smilax medica or smilax ornate): Blood tonic, it is especially good for removing these heavy metals if taken properly, it contains calcium, copper, iron, iodine, manganese, potassium, silicon, sodium, sulfur, B-complex and vitamins A, C, and D.

Yellow Dock (rumex crispus): It improves the function of the kidneys, liver, lymph glands, and intestines, thus aiding the body's natural cleansing processes. It has been used to help the body eliminate pollutants, including heavy metals such as lead and arsenic.

What cooking tools and other ingredients you will need:

2 stainless steel or glass 20 quart pots with lids.
A large strainer.
A candy or water thermometer.
4 gallons of distilled water
16 oz of vegetable glycerin
8 to 12 oz of Black Strap Molasses
60 oz of honey
4 Tablespoons Citric acid

For bottling you can use regular canning jars. If using pint jars you will need about 22 jars. If using quart jars you will need about 11-12 to 8 jars. You can cut recipe in ½ for a smaller batch.

Add to Pot 1

1 oz Bloodroot
2 oz Burdock
2 oz Chaparral
1.5 oz Dandelion Root
1.5 oz Echinacea Root
2 oz Poke
2 oz Red Root
1.5 oz Sarsaparilla
2.5 oz Yellow Dock
Add 2 gallons of distilled water

Cover with lid and set on stove on warm heat overnight so that the roots can be softened for extraction.

In the morning turn up the heat and bring the water to a low simmer for about 4 hours then bring to a boil for 15-30 minutes. After boiling turn off heat and strain the liquid into a clean container by laying a layer of cheesecloth over your strainer.

Add to Pot 2

1 oz Black Walnut
1 oz Chelidonium aka Celandine
1 oz Cleavers
2 oz Lemon Peel
1.5 Plantain
1.5 Red Clover
Add 2 gallons of distilled water

Cover and set on counter and let soak in water over night.

In the morning place the pot on the stove on warm/medium heat to steep (not boil) the herbs like you would a cup of tea. Let them steep for at least 4 hours then strain the liquid by laying a layer of cheesecloth over your strainer.

Compost the strained herbs in your garden.

Mixing the pots:

Once the liquid is strained from both pots, mix it together in one of the 20 quart pots and let it simmer for about 15 minutes

Then add:

16 oz of vegetable glycerin
8 to 12 oz of Black Strap Molasses
60 oz of honey
4 Tablespoons Citric acid

Stir and let the mixture mingle for 15 minutes or so. When ready to bottle use a candy thermometer to check the temperature of the liquid. You want the temperature at 190* to prevent any bacteria to grow in the tonics. Maintain this heat temperature throughout bottling.

While waiting for your liquid to reach the accurate bottling temperature prepare your canning jars. Sterilize jars and lids.

Once your bottles are sterilized and your herbal liquid is at the right temperature add the tonic liquid to the hot jars. Fill to ½" from top of jar and cap. Let cool overnight. Check to make sure all the jars are sealed properly then store them. Tonics can be stored for 1 year.

Once you open a jar of tonic for use you must Refrigerate it. The tonic will last for 2 months in the refrigerator once it has been opened. Sediment in the bottom of the jars is normal. Give the jar a little shake or stir to mix the sediment before taking.


Adult Folklore Dosage: 1 Tablespoon 1 times a day for prevention. 1 Tablespoon 2 times a day for lymphoedema. 2 Tablespoon 2 times a day when breast and lymph is congested or cancerous. Refrigerate after opening.

Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is for informational purposes only and is not intended as a substitute for advice from your health care professional. You should not use the information in this article for self-diagnosis or to replace any prescriptive medication. You should consult with a healthcare professional before starting any diet, exercise or supplementation program, before taking any medication, or if you have or suspect you might have a health problem, suffer from allergies, are pregnant or nursing.


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About the author

Leslee Dru Browning is a 6th generation Medical Herbalist & Nutritionist from the ancestral line of Patty Bartlett Sessions; Pioneer Mid-Wife & Herbalist. Leslee practiced Medical Herbalism and Nutritional Healing for over 25 years and specialized in Cancer Wellness along with Chronic Illness. She now devotes her career to teaching people, through her writing, about Natural Healing from An Herbal Perspective.

Lymph Health – An Herbal Recipe for Breast Cancer and Lymphomas

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