Removing Toxic Build-Up and Waste with Oxy-Powder®

Removing Toxic Build-Up and Waste with Oxy-Powder...

Removing Toxic Build-Up and Waste with Oxy-Powder®

Loretta Lanphier, NP, CN, CH, HHP

Oxy-Powder® has many wonderful
benefits for digestive system health and overall body wellness, but
one of the things it does best is remove and annihilate accumulated
waste products and toxic materials that may have been plaguing the intestinal
tract of some individuals for many years. Impacted fecal matter and
poisonous by-products of the food the intestines have attempted to digest
begin to build up as a hardened mass that clings to the walls of the
small and large intestine, and the colon. This is especially true for
folks who do not eat well to begin with. The Standard American Diet
(SAD), which is high in fat, sugars, carbohydrates, and processed foods,
is also generally very low in dietary fiber as well. This combination
is the perfect recipe for disaster in the digestive tract. These kinds
of nutritiously paltry “foods” make it very easy for the above-described
scenario to occur. When a person has eaten this way for many years,
drastic measures are necessary to cleanse and free-up the digestive
tract so that it can do the job it was designed to do: glean nutrition
from foods, and quickly and efficiently eliminate the waste products. Oxy-Powder® is just the product for the job.

As soon as the monatomic
oxygen in Oxy-Powder® is released in the digestive system, it begins to slowly
but thoroughly attack the layers of toxic waste in the intestinal tract,
and literally melting it until it softens to the point of becoming a
liquid. At that point, it is able to be washed out of the digestive
tract and the walls of the intestines (where the exchange of nutrients
into the bloodstream is supposed to take place) are again available
to do their critical work.

When the digestive system
is able to operate efficiently, the entire body is affected. A dirty,
clogged up intestinal tract is a perfect environment for the growth
of many parasites and disease agents that thrive in that type of atmosphere.
On the contrary, a digestive system that is working up to par will strengthen
the immune system and help the entire body to better fight off infection
and disease.

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