Senate Poised to Pass Bill Taking Away Your Right to Know What’s in Your Food

Senate Poised to Pass Bill Taking Away Your Right ...

Senate Poised to Pass Bill Taking Away Your Right to Know What’s in Your Food

Tell your Senator to vote “No” on the “National Uniformity for Food Act”

Please go to: to voice your concern.

The House of Representatives has passed a controversial “national food uniformity” labeling law that would take away local government and states’ power to require food safety food labels such as those required in California and other states on foods or beverages that are likely to cause cancer, birth defects, allergic reactions, or mercury poisoning. This bill would also prevent citizens in local municipalities and states from passing laws requiring that genetically engineered foods and ingredients such as Monsanto’s recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone (rBGH) be labeled.

The Senate will son be voting on this bill which would gut state food safety and labeling laws. The “National Uniformity for Food Act,” lowers the bar on food safety by overturning state food safety laws that are not “identical” to federal law. Hundreds of state laws and regulations are at risk, including those governing the safety of milk, fish, and shellfish. The bill is being pushed by large supermarket chains and food manufacturers, spearheaded by the powerful Grocery Manufacturers of America.

Big food corporations and the biotech industry understand that consumers are more and more concerned about food safety, genetic engineering, and chemical-intensive agriculture, and are reading labels more closely. They understand that pesticide and mercury residues and hazardous technologies such as genetic engineering and food irradiation will be rejected if there are truthful labels required on food products. This industry-sponsored bill is gaining momentum and must be stopped! Act now! Preserve local and regional democracy and protect yourself and your family from unsafe food by sending an email or calling your Senator.

Read full text of the bill here and Take action below the following news headlines…

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