Tetanus Vaccine

Tetanus Vaccine


by Bronwyn Hancock

The tetanus vaccine is no more effective than any of the others. It also is counterproductive. It will INCREASE, NOT decrease the risk of tetanus, and many people actually get tetanus from the vaccine.

The annual REPORTED cases of tetanus in Australia don’t reach double figures (despite the fact that most people exposed probably would have not had a booster for a long time and therefore would be considered susceptible), and yet in my relatively small circle of contact (compared to the country’s population) I have come across a couple of cases where immediately after the vaccine the recipient got the classic symptoms of tetanus and it was not reported, or even diagnosed as a possibility.

All vaccine injections are DOCUMENTED to SENSITISE the recipient. Sensitisation is the OPPOSITE of immunisation. The way they get their figures of 98-99%, etc “effectiveness” of the vaccine is by checking for the presence of IgG antibodies. The presence of these antibodies, however, does NOT mean immunity – this is a totally false assumption. In fact they cannot even get the body to produce any significant numbers of these WITHOUT including those toxic, SENSITISING chemicals in the vaccine, called adjuvants (“Dirty Secrets”, New Scientist, Nov 1996). So the presence of these antibodies is probably actually showing the OPPOSITE of immunisation, i.e. that the person has been sensitised by the vaccine. What a wonderful achievement.

So really, giving a child a tetanus vaccine is like getting them to stand on a busy road in the hope of minimizing their chances of getting run over. Of course this is not to mention all the other problems the vaccine can cause, all reflecting the derailing effect on the immune system. Only some, of course, are listed on the product insert (included already in a recent email to this list). There is a man I interviewed and have on the video, called Ron Lyons, who got chronic fatigue syndrome from a tetanus vaccine, as had his father, and then his own son (when his ex-wife vaccinated him without Ron’s consent).

Viera has come across an article in NEJM (either 1983 or 1984) where they found the ratio of T4 to T8 cells after tetanus vaccination to be similar to the ratio that is found in AIDS patients. The best safeguard against illness from tetanus, apart from general overall health, is to ensure the wound is open and clean. The tetanus toxoid is anaerobic, so it can only proliferate in the absence of oxygen.

However what I also like to talk about these days in relation to tetanus I don’t seem to have included here. It is that tetanus is an illustration of one reason that vaccines do not work.

Normally once you contract a disease and fully recover from it, you are then immune to that specific disease for the rest of your life. However you may have heard that this is not the case with tetanus – on the contrary, people are actually sensitised to it, so are in fact MORE likely to get it again in the future.

The reason for this is that since tetanus is an anaerobic bacteria, it is hard, well I expect impossible, to contract it through a form of exposure where it comes in through the normal portals of entry – the mouth, the nose, the mucous membranes, the tonsils, etc., because that would require the bacteria surviving exposure to oxygen.

Consequently, you can only get it through some kind of injury such as a splinter or similar where it has been able to get straight into the body via a deep puncture wound bypassing exposure to oxygen. However this also means that you are bypassing the natural portals of entry, which are the outer levels of defence.

Unfortunately, the outer levels of defence have important roles in the immune system, including crucial involvement in the process of…. DEVELOPING IMMUNITY.

So the upshot of all that is that if the antigen is injected via a deep puncture wound, you cannot bring immunity. On the contrary, the effect is sensitisation. And what are vaccine injections? Why, deep puncture wounds. Further, the sensitisation effect of vaccines is well documented, even to the extent of being in standard medical dictionaries.

The oral polio vaccine is not a deep puncture wound, but the magnitude of the assault of the vaccine strain of virus (ironically more virulent than the wild virus) with the accompanying toxins and the interference with the gut flora, i.e. still harming the outer levels of defence, still appears to have a sensitisation effect. Further, when you realise that we needed vaccination to provoke polio in the first place, with the first known outbreak not occurring until mass smallpox vaccination 100 years ago, well then you realise that avoiding the administration of the other vaccines almost entirely removes any threat of polio anyway.

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