What All Pregnant Women Need To Know To Avoid Getting Diabetes

What All Pregnant Women Need To Know To Avoid Gett...

What All Pregnant Women Need To Know To Avoid Getting Diabetes

Christopher Barr

Diabetic pregnancy easy as 1-2-3

‘Protein may be key to gestational diabetes’ read the headline last week of a news story on the first day for American Diabetes Month.

My eyes rolled in rhythm with my deep sigh.

The mineral chromium is a key for metabolic efficiency of protein and it is the key for efficient blood sugar metabolism.

The mineral chromium is not a “may be” but is in fact “key to gestational diabetes”.

Pie in the sky

Delving beyond the headline it turns out that some university researchers were not addressing protein in general but rather an obscure, isolated, specific protein that “may” have some involvement with blood sugar metabolism.

The short item was filled with many “may” possibilities/guesses, and hopes for development of test$ (plural) and treatment$ (also plural) some time in the by and by distant future.

Reminds me of the old expression, “So heavenly minded they’re no earthly good.”

Back to earth

Practically speaking bringing this down to where the rubber meets the road gestational diabetes is as easy as 1-2-3.

1)      The mineral chromium is essential for blood sugar metabolism and is substantially processed out of a significant portion of the average American dietary so that gross deficiency of chromium leads to gross increase in diabetes.

2)      The mineral chromium is one of the first minerals to pass the placenta to the baby in mass which enhances growth and assists maintenance of genetic integrity.

3)      If a pregnant woman is near the breaking point for gross chromium deficiency then the high demand from the developing baby sends her over the edge.  Following birth then the extra demand is removed and the diabetes “disappears” … for a time.

Studies have shown that women that manifest gestational diabetes have an increased incidence of later developing full blown diabetes and at an average age younger than women not having had gestational diabetes.

It should be noted that only chromium incorporated by growth processes has great effectiveness so it is best to look for 100% whole food chromium.

Chromium baby

It’s the chromium, baby, and chromium for the baby as well as for the mom-to-be.  To adapt from the bard, when it comes to a mom-to-be or not-to-be, that (chromium) is the answer to the question of diabetes to be or not to be!

Christopher C. Barr writes Naturally Speaking from Arkansas: The Natural State … naturally! You may write him at P. O. Box 1147, Pocahontas, Arkansas 72455 or by e-mail at  servantofYHVH@hotmail.com .

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