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What Is Oxy-Powder®?

What Is Oxy-Powder®?

What Is Oxy-Powder®?

Loretta Lanphier, NP, CN, CH, HHP


Oxy-Powder® is: Magnesium combined with stabilized oxygen molecules that have been formulated to time-release
single atoms of oxygen (nascent oxygen)
into the intestinal tract and to the entire body.  

OK, now we know what Oxy-Powder® is, but how
does it work? The proprietary formula that is used to create Oxy-Powder®
accomplishes several purposes. First of all it makes possible the delivery
of monatomic or nascent oxygen to the body. Why is this important? 
Monatomic oxygen acts as a natural cleanser that actually liquefies
and melts away compacted fecal matter that has been accumulating in
the digestive system, sometimes for many years. It also introduces much
needed oxygen to the rest of the body via the bloodstream, which is
excellent for our overall health. 

Magnesium, or more specifically
magnesium oxide, is the most stable vehicle for the delivery of oxygen
to the digestive system and the rest of the body. This is not dietary
magnesium, as is found in many laxative products. Very small amounts
of magnesium oxide are absorbed as Oxy-Powder® travels through the intestinal
tract and beyond. It mainly functions as the means of transporting the
oxygen that our digestive tract and other body systems desperately need
to thrive and operate at peak efficiency.  

The final piece of the
puzzle is the way that Oxy-Powder® is formulated to be stable until it is
the best time for the nascent oxygen to be released. The whole process
is done in a very precise manner that protects the components, and ensures
that they are not released until the Oxy-Powder® is in the intestinal tract
and in the presence of hydrochloric acid that is normally found in the
stomach. This acid acts as a catalyst to release the nascent oxygen
at the proper time. The high-pressure, low-temperature manufacturing
process makes it possible to bottle the Oxy-Powder® vegetarian capsules,
“loaded” with life-giving oxygen, in a stable form that is slowly
released over a period of  twelve hours or more once it reaches
the digestive tract. This time-released process assures that the monatomic
oxygen is more bioavailable and therefore more effective.

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