Who Does More Harm, Barry Bonds Or Drug Companies?

Who Does More Harm, Barry Bonds Or Drug Companies?...

Who Does More Harm, Barry Bonds Or Drug Companies?

By: Bob ButtsSource: http://www.healthtruthrevealed.com November 18, 2007

If Barry Bonds goes to prison for lying to a Grand Jury, then shouldn't the same thing happen when politicians make promises to the American people and don't keep them?  Who does the most damage, Barry Bonds or our legislators?  When a legislator takes campaign contributions from drug companies or any company whose income depends upon high profit problems being perpetuated, who does more harm, Barry Bonds or our legislators?

The fact remains that we have an extremely unethical nation or we would not need 98% of the world's attorneys, be #1 in prison building or have 72nd best health at #1 cost.  The quality of one's measures of excellence predisposes every choice that we make.  Our prime measures are money and power, not kindness, compassion and human decency because if they were, there would be little thought of harming another for personal advantage.  Because of our valuing money and power over people, everything else has been corrupted.

On 9/11 terrorists killed nearly 3,000 Americans, but American legislators who took bribes from asbestos manufacturers so they could continue using their deadly asbestos products that were known to kill, killed far more.  That is why asbestos from the Twin Towers killed far more Americans than Bin Laden and continues to kill more and more.  We cannot legislate responsibility and kindness, but they can be motivated to the degree that the values of our nation bring out the best in people.

It is said that winners prevent problems and losers strive to make money on them.  I'm sick of our behaving like losers and so should everyone else.  We have created a 72nd best health care, really a profit care system because we are more concerned about making money off sick people than to prevent ant cure their illnesses.

Enough said.  I'm ashamed of how low we have sunk. Tell me, who does more damage to our nation, Barry Bonds or our legislators who have literally pledged their allegiances to big money?  It will do no good beating up on our leaders, but it will do wonders if we all strive to become the kinder, more gentle people that our Creator meant us to be.  Unfortunately, our leaders kicked God out and now Hell has moved in.

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