Why Does Oxy-Powder® Promote a Healthy Colon?

Why Does Oxy-Powder® Promote a Healthy Colon?...

Why Does Oxy-Powder® Promote a Healthy Colon?

Loretta Lanphier, NP, CN, CH, HHP


The colon is an amazing organ that performs many important functions in the body. It is a factory, in a sense, that is designed to take raw materials (food) and convert them into nutrients that the body needs to run efficiently. Simultaneously, the colon must quickly rid the body of the waste products created in this manufacturing plant, so that these toxins will not back up and be reabsorbed into the body.

Oxy-Powder® acts as the maintenance staff at this factory. The first thing it does is to "clean house" by removing any accumulated waste products such as impacted fecal matter that will hurt production by keeping the colon from absorbing nutrients and expose the body to these accumulated toxins. It does an excellent job of transforming these waste products into a liquefied form that can be washed out of the body as was originally intended. If this critical step is not done well, then the body cannot absorb the intended nutrients.

After Oxy-Powder® has cleaned out the colon, it is then open for business to be able to absorb the nutrients that the body needs to procure from the food we eat. The nascent oxygen that Oxy-Powder® delivers to the colon greatly improves the efficiency of this organ by creating an atmosphere whereby the flora or bacteria in the colon can be in healthy balance. Our modern diets and the use of medications such as antibiotics will often make the colon a rather hostile place by destroying the "good" bacteria that the colon needs to operate properly. Oxy-Powder® helps to restore the balance by exposing the helpful "aerobic" flora to available oxygen, and destroying the harmful "anaerobic" bacteria.

A third major way that Oxy-Powder® promotes colon health is by stimulating the body to have frequent and regular bowel movements. The colon is designed to process our food quickly, and one of the worst things you can do to your colon (and your entire body) is to allow partially decayed food to remain in the colon any longer than necessary. The bowel regularity that Oxy-Powder® produces is one of the key ways it helps to keep the colon healthy and operating smoothly.

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