Why is Oxy-Powder® the Perfect Beginning to a Diet?

Why is Oxy-Powder® the Perfect Beginning to a Die...

Why is Oxy-Powder® the Perfect Beginning to a Diet?

Loretta Lanphier, NP, CN, CH, HHP


If you are considering
changing your diet or adding nutritional supplements to your health
regimen, I would highly recommend a total digestive system cleanse with Oxy-Powder® before you implement these changes. Changing what you put into
your body is probably a great idea, especially if you have poor eating
habits like most Americans. And supplementing with additional products
to boost your body’s health is also a fine and necessary. But, if
you don’t prepare your “vessel” before you begin to put all this
good stuff into it, it will do you little good.

The use of Oxy-Powder® is
a terrific way to do some housecleaning before making dietary changes.
If your gut is full of compacted fecal matter and other toxic waste
products, your body will not know what to do with all of the nutritious
goodies you are introducing it to. Whole, natural, raw foods are by
far the best way to provide the fuel that we need to have energy and
be well, but a clogged up digestive tract simply does not have the ability
to properly absorb the available nutrition. What happens is these quality
foods simply pass through the intestinal tract without much of any nutritional
value being absorbed, due to all the debris that is preventing the intestines
from doing do their job and passing needed materials into the bloodstream.
Instead of building the body up, even good food tends to just add to
the collection of fecal matter and other useless junk in the gut unless
you undergo a thorough cleansing first.

Once the garbage has
been taken out, Oxy-Powder® also encourages the growth of friendly bacterial
that helps the digestive process to be more efficient and gets you the
most nutrition possible from the foods you eat. Using Oxy-Powder® before
making dietary changes will help your body to process your food in the
most beneficial way possible. Therefore, if one of your motivations
behind changing your diet is to lose weight, Oxy-Powder® can indirectly help. Oxy-Powder® is not intended to help you lose weight, but if your digestive
tract is working optimally, you will probably need to eat less food
to meet your nutritional needs because your body will be able to handle
digestion in the most productive and effective manner possible.

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