Articles: Soy Dangers

    Soy Consumption Simplified

    SOY CONSUMPTION SIMPLIFIED Soy and Hormones For Adults A glass a day melts the thyroid away.  From USA Woman’s World, Mar 16 2001.  AVOIDING SOY .... as little as 30mg of soy isoflavones--the... Read More

    Soy Guidance

    SOY GUIDANCE What we think you should be doing about phytoestrogens and soy. How much soy is safe to eat? For infants, we believe any soy is too much soy. Adults consuming soy should also exercise... Read More

    Soy Information You Need To Consider

    SOY INFORMATION YOU NEED TO CONSIDER... Eating Soy Can Decrease Your Fertility Women who eat soya may spoil sperm's chances.  Tests indicate such foods may make it harder to get pregnant. ... Read More

    Soya: The Quiet Conquest

    "SOYA: THE QUIET CONQUEST" (Reprinted from "Wise Traditions" Winter 2001 courtesy of www. Today everyone, whether he wishes it or not, whether living in an advanced or backward... Read More
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