Soy Information You Need To Consider

Soy Information You Need To Consider


Eating Soy Can Decrease Your Fertility

Women who eat soya may spoil sperm’s chances.  Tests indicate such foods may make it harder to get pregnant.  Yet another article that warns of the risks to human fertility of consuming soy products.  This article is not an isolated report with more evidence to be found here Plant chemical may harm male fertility – study and here Soya warning to would-be mothers.  In fact there is now almost enough scientific evidence available to fill an entire web site about the impacts of soy products on human fertility, we have virtually done this on our  Infertility and Male Health pages.  Humans are not alone with these problems with many animals and our Pets also affected.  Combine these fertility related impacts with the risks associated with Birth Defects….

Dr Kaayla Daniel speaks about "The Whole Soy Story".  Read an exclusive along with insights into soy on Dr Mercola’s web site Here.  More information Here.  If you are interested in purchasing a copy the Whole Story, please visit Dr Daniels own web site at  The web site contains free excepts from the book, endorsements and a section covering frequently asked questions.

The Whole Soy Story Book Cover

Leading thyroid expert, Mary Shomon writes of dangers to the thyroid.  Read more here Soy’s Thyroid Dangers: A Look at the Dangers of Soy to the Health of Your Thyroid   by Mary J. Shomon

The New York Daily News has a penetrating article on the thyroid damage that soy can cause.  Read more Here

Hidden soy in fast foods have been linked to cutting men’s fertility.  Read more Here

They hailed it as a wonderfood.  Soya not only destroys forests and small farmers – it can also be bad for your health.  Read an article posted by Anthony Barnett in The Observer, Sunday November 7, 2004

The huge rise in allergic reactions to soy is in line with the increasing use of soy products in processed foods during the 1990s, and should be regarded as a major public health concern.  Read more about the hidden dangers of soy allergens Here

Whole Soy Story: The Dark Side of America’s Favorite Health Food


Arutz-7 News: Sunday, August 1, 2004

Humana, the German parent company of baby-formula distributor Remedia, has agreed to pay $100 million to the 17 families of children who died or whose health suffered as a result of a vitamin-deficient soy-based baby formula. Israel’s Channel 2 television station reported that the damages would be the largest ever paid in Israel’s history.  A scandal erupted last November following the deaths of two babies and serious harm to 15 more, as well as less serious consequences to many others. The babies suffered because the formula was missing a critical vitamin, B1. Humana said it had removed the vitamin in the mistaken assumption that the soy-base of the formula provided sufficient amounts of the nutrient.  The 17 families whose infants died or were left with permanent disabilities will now receive compensation. In response to the announced settlement, the families stated that the money is less significant than the harm that was done. They said they must be assured that they will receive all the care required during the lives of their children.

Plant sterols may affect absorption of vitamin E, beta-carotene

Artificial baby milks: how safe is soya?

Research indicates soy isoflavones may have an effect on the adrenal cortex.  Abstract Here.

A search of the U. S. Food and Drug Administrations Poisonous Plants Database for Soy came up with 200 results.  See for yourself Here.

Read the British Dietetic Associations position on the use of soya protein for infants Here.

Possible Legal Action On Medical Problems Caused By Soy

Testosterone Magazine interviews renowned dietitian Kaayla Daniels on the dangers and shady politics of soy.

The Soy Report at the Electric Nutrition website  deals with the risks from soy products and the shady politics that have allowed soy protein o enter the food chain despite its failure to be approved as a human foodstuff

New research confirms the risk of soy foods to men’s’ fertility once again.

The United Kingdom Chief Medical Officer has warned all doctors that soy-based infant formulas should be used  only in exceptional circumstances, because of a risk to long term Reproductive Health

Full information on the UK Expert Committee’s findings are Here

If You’re Suffering From a Medical Problem Caused by Soy, you May Now be Able to Take Legal Action! More on the Mercola Website.

Creative Health has recently produced an excellent website full of information on the dangers of soy.

A new Big Ugly Bull Award, January 2004 has been awarded to the United Soybean Board for their continuing health claims over the benefits of soy.

Israeli infants harmed, some fatally, by soy infant formula.

Dr Daniel M Sheehan of the US National Center for Toxicological Research wrote an academic article several years ago describing the use of soy formulas as "an unmonitored and uncontrolled human experiment". This would mean they contravene international medical conventions forbidding experiments on humans.  What happened in Israel is, we are told, the result of Humana (A Heinz subsidiary) omitting vitamin B1 and then increasing the soy content to compensate…an "uncontrolled experiment " indeed. Dr I G C Robertson, Senior Toxicologist at the Auckland School of Medicine, wrote in 1994 that soy is so toxic that soy formulas required unnecessary juggling. His opinion……he could "see no good reason to feed it to a baby

Israeli health officials are investigating whether a soy based baby formula has caused three infants to die and 17 others to be hospitalized with a brain illness.  Read More Here.  More on this story Here.

Studies suggest a link between drinking soy milk as an infant and the development of peanut allergies later in life.  Read More Here

2003 Dr P.G. Tuohy of the New Zealand Ministry of Health reviewed information available on soy infant formula and phytoestrogens in the Journal of Pediatrics and Child Health.  Quotes from the abstract include:

Infants consuming soy formula have high levels of circulating isoflavones. These are an order of magnitude greater than the levels of isoflavones which have been shown to produce physiological effects in adult women consuming a high soy diet.

Against this generally positive view there is an increasing number of recent reports that suggest that in experimental animals, phytoestrogens have adverse effects with respect to carcinogenesis, reproductive function, immune function, and thyroid disease.

Despite the absence of adequate scientific research that quantifies the level of risk to infants, most would argue for a precautionary approach to be taken in situations where there are potential developmental effects from the consumption of pharmacologically active compounds in infancy and childhood.

Full Abstract Here

As you can see from the abstract alone, Dr Tuohy states that there is an "absence of adequate scientific research that quantifies the level of risk to infants…" and advocates a PRECAUTIONARY approach to soy infant formula.  Surely a PRECAUTIONARY  approach to this issue is not to feed our children these chemicals that may have adverse effects on their lives at all, until they have been proven otherwise! Again, to paraphrase Dr Tuohy

"there is an increasing number of recent reports that suggest that in experimental animals,
phytoestrogens have adverse effects with respect to


reproductive function,

 immune function,

 and thyroid disease."

The evidence of potentially adverse effects is increasing despite the overwhelmingly disproportionate funding opportunities towards research into positive effects of soy products (refer Here and Here).

We believe regulatory agencies should advocate the PRECAUTIONARY approach and completely ban the consumption of these products by infants until the substances causing the types of adverse effects outlined by soyonlineservice have either been removed or proven completely safe for human consumption.

After all, soyonlineservice was urging a precautionary approach in the New Zealand Medical Journal in 1995 "It would be prudent for general supermarket sales to be stopped and information to be given to physicians" Neither happened and therefore for over eight years countless babies have been put at unnecessary risk.

A convincing hypothesis to explain the premature brain-aging effects of soy and the results of a Hawaii Aging study  is available Here.  More information on the effects of soy on the brain is available on our Cognitive Function Page.  Recent research supporting the effects of soy on the brain include File et al. 2003, Connor et al. 1997 and White et al. 2000.

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