Articles: Sugar & Aspartame

    Sudden Cardiac Death and Aspartame

    SUDDEN CARDIAC DEATH AND ASPARTAME By Betty Martini The CDC reports that Sudden Cardiac Death, the nation's #1 killer ended the lives of 460,000 Americans in 1999. SCD is a catastrophe in which the... Read More

    Aspartame Disease

    ASPARTAME DISEASE by Phillip Day, excerpted from 'The ABC's of Disease'Available through Profile Today, the sweeteners sucrose and saccharin remain as controversial as ever, and the... Read More

    Aspartame Scandal

    THE ASPARTAME SCANDAL by Betty Martini The Thalidomide of the 90’s is Aspartame, otherwise known as Equal, Nutrasweet or Spoonful. In May, 1992 an article in Flying Safety Magazine explained the... Read More

    The Dangers of Refined Sugar

    THE DANGERS OF REFINED SUGAR In 1957, Dr. William Coda Martin tried to answer the question: When is a food a food and when is it a poison? His working definition of "poison" was: "Medically: Any... Read More

    Aspartame, Multiple Sclerosis and Lupus

    ASPARTAME, MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS AND LUPUS Date: Sun, 3 Dec 95 15:39:33 -0500 To: Betty Martini Subject: WORLD ENVIRONMENTAL CONFERENCE & MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS Dear Doctor Rivner and Group: I have spent... Read More

    The Lowdown on Sweet?

    THE LOWDOWN ON SWEET? By Melanie Warner WHEN Dr. Morando Soffritti, a cancer researcher in Bologna, Italy, saw the results of his team's seven-year study on aspartame, he knew he was about to be... Read More
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