Health Benefits of Dry Body Brushing

April 8th, 2013 by Loretta Lanphier, NP, BCTN, CN, CH, HHP

Health Benefits of Dry Body Brushing

Updated February 2021

Dry body brushing, practiced for hundreds of years in Japan and Greece, is catching on in many high-end spas to decrease cellulite and improve skin appearance. Dry body brushing, also known as a lymphatic drainage technique, effectively eliminates dead skin cells, increases circulation, helps the lymphatic system work better (removing toxins from the body), and decreasing stress bloating.

I was first introduced to dry body brushing in 2001 when I was fighting stage three colon cancer. My main reason for using this lymphatic drainage technique was to encourage my lymphatic system to work efficiently, making sure toxins were eliminated properly. I was pleasantly surprised to see other benefits such as reduced cellulite appearance and tightened healthy-looking skin. I was also pleased to come across a study indicating that body brushing was the most effective home remedy for cellulite in a study done by Huffington Post.

Another wonderful aspect of dry body brushing is there is no need to pay a hefty high-end spa price to experience all of the health benefits of dry body brushing. For those who are DIY motivated, this lymphatic drainage technique can be done in the privacy of your home and is very easy to learn. Best of all, dry body brushing only takes a few minutes to perform. All you need is an all-natural (plant-based) dry body brush, which can be purchased online and in most health food stores. That’s it — except for the willingness and determination to perform dry skin brushing every day! Be prepared because the results of dry skin brushing are often amazing.

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What’s the Best Way to Dry Body Brush?dry body brushing

Always brush towards your heart with long sweeps. Avoid improper brushing techniques of back and forth or scrubbing and circular motions. Begin with your feet, then up the legs on both sides, then work from the arms toward your chest. Direct the brush counterclockwise for the stomach area. Don’t make the mistake of brushing too hard. The end result is to stimulate and invigorate, but not irritate or redden your skin.

  • Always brush skin when dry. Preferably in the morning before your shower.
  • Use a natural vegetable-derived bristle brush.
  • Brush in the direction of your heart.
  • Follow with a warm shower.
  • Never brush broken skin.
  • After brushing, your skin should be pink, not red.
  • Do not brush before bed as it may interrupt sleep.
  • Clean your brush with the help of a non-toxic soap at least one time a week.

What are the Health Benefits of Dry Body Brushing?

  • stimulates all organs of detoxification
  • removes cellulite
  • cleanses the lymphatic system
  • removes dead skin layers
  • strengthens immune system
  • stimulates hormone & oil-producing glands
  • tones muscles
  • stimulates circulation
  • improves nervous system
  • helps digestion
  • helps to tighten skin
  • reduces the need for body lotion
  • easy & inexpensive
  • removes excess fluid from the body
  • known as an effective lymphatic drainage technique
  • eliminates clogged skin pores
  • helps with even distribution of fat deposits
  • keeps skin soft, smooth & younger looking

dry skin brushing health benefits

While the investment cost of dry skin brushing is low, you will find the pay-off high. If you’re a newbie, you’ll likely be delighted with the results. As one dry body brushing fan described in the Examiner:

“I’ve only been at this for about two weeks, but I’ve already experienced many of the benefits listed above. For one thing, dry skin brushing just feels really good. It’s one of those miraculous practices that manages to be both relaxing and energizing all at the same time. For another, it cured my cellulite! …Dry skin brushing also helped heal some ingrown hairs and some innocuous though unsightly bumps on my arms. My skin is softer and no longer dry or flakey. Additionally, though I’m not sure whether or not it’s related to dry skin brushing, I must say that I’ve been sleeping better and experiencing less ‘brain fog’ throughout the day!”

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