Unwrap OAW’s 2019 Healthy Holiday Gift Guide

November 17th, 2019 by Loretta Lanphier, NP, BCTN, CN, CH, HHP

Unwrap OAW’s 2019 Healthy Holiday Gift Guide

All throughout the year, I’m asked for my recommendations for high-quality health tools and products such as non-toxic skin care, high-quality aromatherapy diffusers and essential oils, help for bothersome aches and pains, quality air purifiers for home and office and how to effectively cleanse the digestive tract. Once again I decided to write a healthy holiday gift guide listing my 2019 recommendations for healthy Christmas gifts that you can feel good about giving– especially to family and friends that seemingly have everything—proving that healthy doesn’t have to mean boring. These gifts can make a huge difference in an individual’s health and well-being. The products are among those that most people reach for every single day—but these Christmas gifts all have a twist—they are hi-tech, non-toxic and healthy for the body, making them great gifts that will “give” all year long.

I invite you to pour yourself a cup of hot herbal tea, kick your shoes off, and take some time to read through the recommendations below—click on the product links to read more about the products. Think about those on your Christmas gift list who would benefit from a gift of health. Wrap the gift up in beautiful paper with a gorgeous bow and include a thoughtful note telling your recipient how much you care about them.


1. Purely Ageless™ Age Defense CreamPurely Ageless Age Defense Cream

A perfect gift for those who want non-toxic and quality skin care products that will help keep skin looking fresh and young. Purely Ageless™ Age Defense Cream, from our Oasis Serene Botanicals skin care line, is formulatdd with organic ingredients. Deeply moisturizing, intensely rich in skin nutrients and enriched with exotic botanicals – Purely Ageless™ is my personal go-to anti-aging cream. With ingredients such as vitamin-rich mango seed butter and powerful skin-loving shea butter, organic rosemary, and organic neem seed oil as well as soothing white willow bark and more, you will love this non-toxic formula that’s been carefully crafted to melt into your skin to bring the look and feel of total hydration and intense nourishment. Purely Ageless™ Age Defense Cream helps to relieve even the driest skin, leaving it with a smooth, hydrated satin sheen. It’s effective for young skin as well as mature skin. An added bonus is our special blend of essentials oils that promotes the feeling of calmness and well-being, with renewed tranquility. Purely Ageless™ will take you from Stress to Calm (both day and night) with just one application – a great reason to never be without it.

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Ingredient Super Stars in Purely Ageless™

  • Mango Seed Butter
  • Organic Shea Butter
  • Organic Rosemary Seed Extract
  • Organic Aloe Vera
  • Organic Neem Oil
  • Lightly scented with a special calming & balancing Essential Oil Blend made with wild-crafted and organic essential oils

HydraCleanze Facial Wash2. HydraCleanze™ Facial Wash

The most important first step to younger-looking and healthy skin is a natural and effective cleansing routine. There is no better time to try out a new, non-toxic facial cleanser than during the winter months when your skin needs extra care. Properly formulated non-toxic and natural cleansers, exfoliants, masques and toners can work together to ensure that dirt, make-up, impurities, excess oils and dead skin cells are effectively removed. This allows your skin to breathe and keeps skin pores clear. 100% all-natural HydraCleanze™, from Oasis Serene Botanicals, is formulated using natural botanical oils and extracts. This specific combination of individually selected ingredients results in an exceptionally rich all-natural hydrating cleanser that does not dry the skin. In particular, HydraCleanze™ has a high concentration of Rose Extract. Rose Extract is a high quality natural astringent with a tremendous amount of rejuvenating and anti-aging properties. HydraCleanze™ has powerful antioxidant, nourishing and toning properties as well as natural antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. This gentle yet highly effective facial wash will leave your face feeling scrumptiously clean, hydrated, soft and smooth. An added bonus is found in the Jojoba Oil which helps lubricate your skin with a thin and breathable protective layer controlling unwanted excessive evaporation of moisture.

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3. ArOmis Professional Aromatherapy Diffuser

Aromatherapy Diffusers are becoming more and more popular making the choice of an effective and professional aromatherapy diffuser difficult — at best. I’ve used several aromatherapy diffusers through the years and the ArOmis Professional Aromatherapy Diffuser is hands-down one of the very best – both in practical application and presentation. It is entirely different than the run-of-the-mill diffusers and works by blasting small drops of pure essential oil(s) with compressed air. This results in a “nebula” of pure essential oil mist that flows out of the reservoir bottle and into the air. Heat-Free and Water-Free (very important) make these units among the mostaromatherapy diffuser effective aromatherapy diffusers on the market. Beautifully designed, the unit is made of glass and sits vertically on a mahogany-stained wooden base. Great for those interested in the healing attributes of essential oils and even those considered professionals.

Get a FREE bottle (10ml) of Shield Essential Oil Blend with every ArOmis diffuser purchase. (Ingredients: Cinnamon Leaf, Eucalyptus Smithii, Lemon, Rosemary Verbnone, and Clove bud organic essential oils)

Quick Facts about the ArOmis Professional Aromatherapy Diffuser

  • Heat Free Cold Vapor – No heat or water used preserving the healing nature of the essential oils
  • All Natural Glass Bottle and Wood Base – no plastics or artificial materials every come in contact with the oils
  • Adjustable Aroma Intensity – fill a small space or up to a 30′ x 30′ area
  • NEW* Built in “10 on / 10 off” timer function with auto shut-off after 4 hours
  • Long product life expectancy and easy to maintain and keep looking beautiful

4. Myobuddy Massager Pro PLUS

Who doesn’t know someone who is battling pain on a daily basis? The Myobuddy Massager Pro PLUS is a professional grade massager with a non-professional price. Many professional massager units that run upwards of $5000 are not as robust as the Myobuddy Massager Pro PLUS. Recommended by a colleague, who is a chiropractor, this is our family’s go-to for aches, pains or a stress-relieving massage. If you suffer from back pain, arthritis stiffness, muscle pain, foot pain, shoulder pain, etc., Myobuddy will easily become your best friend for pain relief. The heat feature is absolutely wonderful. Myobuddy Pro Plus features 50 different adjustable strength levels. From gentle to deep tissue intensity. Dial it up or down during your massage to meet your changing needs. Features vibration + percussion + heat. Chances are you will agree that it’s one of the best massagers ever made!

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Myobuddy Massager Pro PlusQuick Facts About Myobuddy Massager Pro PLUS

  • 50 different massage levels
  • Adjusts to your changing needs
  • Change levels without ever stopping
  • Our smoothest massager ever
  • Soft 3 layer foam massage pad
  • Strong reinforced handle
  • Soothe Sore Muscles & Ease Myofascial Pain
  • Treat Trigger Points & Everyday Aches & Pains
  • Warms Muscles Pre-Workout & Quicker Workout Recovery
  • Reduces Stress, Anxiety & Insomnia
  • Includes 1 White Plush Bonnet and 1 Blue Lotion Bonnet
  • 30-day Money Back Guarantee & 1-Year Warranty & Free Shipping

5. Breathe Easier with Intelli-Pro XJ-3800 Air Purifier

Toxic air quality in homes and offices is a major source of making people sick – yet, it’s not usually even thought about by doctors and the last thing most people think about when trying to find out why they don’t feel good. In fact, some believe that inside air can often be more toxic than outside air. One of the most efficient and effective small air purifiers on the market today, the Intelli-Pro Air Purifier outperforms other top-rated air purifier models in toxin tests – hands down. This air purifier is nearly 100% effective in clinical tests, and five times more effective in toxin removal test than the competition. It also killed 100% of aspergillus mold in clinical tests. (see our articles about mold/fungus). Indoor air pollution is a very real concern today – in both homes and offices – meaning that everyone should be concerned about indoor air quality.

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Quick Facts About Intelli-Pro XJ2800

  • Air-cleaning technologies that are tested and recommended by Government
  • AgenciesSensor technology monitors air quality, performance & filter life
  • 7 advanced purification technologies to remove nearly all pollutant types
  • Auto mode adjusts fan speed according to pollution level
  • Removed 99.9% of particles in air chamber test
  • Capable of covering large area
  • High-Efficiency True HEPA filter to remove dust & allergens
  • Highly-absorbent activated carbon filter for odors & chemicals
  • Emits air-cleaning negative ions
  • Germ-killing UV lamp
  • Photocatalytic odor/VOC/bacteria filter
  • Electrostatic dust collector grid
  • Cleanable pre-filter

6. Optimum Wellness Starter Oxygen Colon Cleanse Kit

Okay…I understand this gift is a bit comical…a colon cleanse kit for a Christmas gift? Are you serious? My answer is Yes. The gut is where most of the immune system is located and keeping it happy is very important for good health. It makes since to take care of the gut for other reasons as well. Maybe this isn’t a gift you would want to give friends/family, but it’s a great gift for YOU to use during the month of January. Think about all the unhealthy and sugar-laden foods and drinks you will have consumed during the holidays — most likely your gut will need someOptimum Wellness Starter Oxygen Colon Cleanse Kit attention and support, especially during the months of cold and flu season.

The Optimum Wellness Starter Colon Cleanse Kit contains one bottle of Oxy-Powder Oxygen Based Intestinal Cleanser (60 count vegetarian capsules) and one bottle of LateroFlora probiotic (60 vegetarian capsules) and information you need to complete a full 6-day colon cleanse and still have enough Oxy-Powder® remaining for maintenance. The Optimum Wellness Colon Cleanse is designed to clean the small intestine, large intestine, and colon of toxins and impacted fecal matter. Oxy-Powder® releases monatomic oxygen directly into the digestive tract to flush and neutralize toxins. Latero-Flora repopulates your gut with beneficial probiotics to support healthy digestion.

Get 10% off thru December 31, 2019 PLUS get a free copy of the e-book Jump Start to Health & Wellness 101! Coupon Code: StarterColonCleanseKit

Best Reasons For Colon Cleansing†

1. Supports a Healthy Digestive tract.

A clean colon is able to properly absorb water, vitamins and nutrients while allowing waste to pass easily through the system.

2. Supports Healthy Energy Levels and Well Being.

When the body is full of toxins, it can make you have a “heavy” feeling and can prevent you from feeling your best. Colon cleansing can give you more energy and help you feel better.

3. Boosts your Brain.

Do you experience anxiety, lack of focus, or memory problems. Many people report that colon cleansing makes a big difference in their mental wellness.

4. Boosts Skin Health.

The skin is your largest organ and, like any other organ, can literally “clog up” while trying to eliminate toxins. Healthy, glowing skin is able to eliminate toxins and colon cleansing can help.

5. Helps to Stop Health Concerns Before They Start.

Chronic and degenerative health concerns are linked to toxin accumulation in the body. When you minimize your toxin intake, you’re supporting your body’s natural defenses.

RELATED: Importance of Full Body Cleansing

The More You Know: Statistics about the Colon

  • The colon is exposed to the total combined waste from your body’s other systems.
  • Toxins absorbed by the colon may lead to diseases and disorders.
  • 70% of your immune system is in your gut.
  • Every foot of colon can store five to ten pounds of feces.
  • Herbal laxatives and colon cleansers can be harmful to your digestive tract.
  • Your bloodstream is only as clean as your colon.
  • Every neurotransmitter found in the brain is also found in the digestive system.
  • Ingestion to elimination should take approximately 18 hours, but most people have bowel movements only every 36 hours.

Health Benefits of Performing The Optimum Wellness Colon Cleanse

  • Gently and effectively cleanses your intestinal tract of toxins.
  • Cleanses with safe and gentle oxygen, not harmful herbs or addictive laxatives.
  • Backed by a 100% satisfaction, 30 day money back guarantee.
  • Will not interrupt your daily schedule.
  • Easy to swallow vegetarian capsules.
  • Cleanses the entire digestive tract while you sleep.
  • Maintains intestinal unity by promoting friendly and healthy probiotic growth.

In Closing…

If you want to give a gift that keeps on giving all through the year, consider the above Christmas gift suggestions. The OAW Healthy Holiday Gift Guide for 2019 ensures that your gift will be a positive contribution to someone’s wellness journey. These Christmas gift suggestions are perfect for those just beginning a wellness path, those who need a boost in dealing with current health issues, as well as the most ardent of natural health warriors. No matter who’s on your Christmas gift list, there’s an item listed in this 2019 holiday gift guide for anyone interested in living healthy.

Merry Christmas!!!

†Results May Vary

Loretta Lanphier is a Naturopathic Practitioner (Traditional), Certified Clinical Nutritionist, Holistic Health Practitioner and Certified Clinical Herbalist as well as the CEO / Founder of Oasis Advanced Wellness in The Woodlands TX. She studies and performs extensive research in health science, natural hormone balancing, anti-aging techniques, nutrition, natural medicine, weight loss, herbal remedies, non-toxic cancer support and is actively involved in researching new natural health protocols and products.  A 17 year stage 3 colon cancer survivor, Loretta is able to relate to both-sides-of-the-health-coin as patient and practitioner when it comes to health and wellness. “My passion is counseling others about what it takes to keep the whole body healthy using natural and non-toxic methods.” Read Loretta’s health testimony Cancer: The Path to Healing. Loretta is Contributor and Editor of the worldwide E-newsletter Advanced Health & Wellness
†Results may vary. Information and statements made are for education purposes and are not intended to replace the advice of your doctor. Oasis Advanced Wellness/OAWHealth does not dispense medical advice, prescribe, or diagnose illness. The views and nutritional advice expressed by Oasis Advanced Wellness/OAWHealth are not intended to be a substitute for conventional medical service. If you have a severe medical condition or health concern, see your physician of choice.

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